Our Experience With Oracle Eloqua

Since its founding in 1977, Oracle has taken steps to keep its software relevant with current technology and market demands. One of their recent efforts has been to acquire Eloqua, a marketing automation service. Eloqua has grown in its capabilities since its acquisition, backed by the data and resources of Oracle. Now called Oracle Eloqua, the Oracle marketing cloud offers the standard features -- targeting, segmenting, sales communication, and website marketing -- offered by most marketing automation systems.

We have one enterprise client who has chosen Oracle Eloqua (over Marketo or Salesforce Marketing Cloud). Typically an IT decision of this magnitude is made based on the technology knowledge and preference of a client’s staff.

The Benefits

  • Targeting: Oracle leverages its collected data to help you segment and target SQL’s. They provide an easy user interface that allows you to observe data and set parameters to manage touchpoints and anticipate customer reactions.

  • Lead Ranking: You can configure your system to automatically segment and send leads to your sales team based on their engagement level.

  • Integrating With Your CRM: Oracle provides tools that allow your marketing team to pass over leads to your sales team. By integrating with your CRM, your sales team can similarly pass leads back to your marketing team to nurture until they’re ready.

  • Analytics: In addition to collecting data, Oracle organizes and displays data -- automatically crunching numbers and searching out patterns across various channels and campaigns.

  • Supportive B2B Tools: Oracle Eloqua provides tools specific to the tasks of B2B marketers, including profile researching, lead nurturing, and sales communication to enable B2B marketers to better target leads and direct them through the sales funnel.

  • Marketing Cloud Engage: Oracle Eloqua Engage works from the perspectives of collected data, cross-channel marketing, and social marketing to analyze the best method of interaction with specific audiences.

  • Prospect Research With DMP: Using Oracle’s Data Management Platform (DMP) you can identify qualities in ideal leads and then target similar prospects based on those qualities. Oracle’s DMP operates cross-channel as well as cross-platform.

Why We Support Oracle Eloqua

Oracle Eloqua’s features are comparable to Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Marketo, but their greatest distinguisher is their emphasis on data-driven marketing for B2B marketers. Considering that most B2B businesses have a closer relationship to their clients and their leads undergo a longer conversion process, Oracle Eloqua’s tools are beneficial for lead segmentation and creating a communicative bridge between your sales and marketing teams.