Our Experience With Bronto

Bronto has steadily expanded as a business and in 2012 was named the most used email marketing service to the Internet Retailer Top 1000. Bronto accredits its success to the development of eCommerce support software. As of 2015, Bronto was acquired by NetSuite but still operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary.

We have multiple clients using Bronto, and for them the key decision factor was that Bronto has a fully integrated extension already built for Magento® (our core eCommerce platform). We can install the extension, add API keys, and configure it to suit without the added expense of writing custom API code.

The Benefits

  • Campaign Management and Creation: Manage email and cross-channel marketing campaigns from a user interface that features a drag-and-drop canvas. The campaigns that you design can be carried out automatically or saved for future use. You can customize your campaigns to send specific responses - an email or a SMS message - based on customer behavior.

  • Lifecycle Marketing Management: Bronto leverages automated responses to assist with lifecycle management for eCommerce, such as post-purchasing campaigns like confirmation emails.

  • Bronto’s Cart Recovery: You can create custom emails and messages, using Bronto’s templates, and leverage them with collected customer data. For potential leads with abandoned carts, you can use Bronto’s cart recovery to build automated campaigns that remind customers about items left behind.

  • Database: Bronto provides APIs for integrating with eCommerce websites, allowing you to implement the system exactly how you want to, customized to your exact specifications. By integrating Bronto with your eCommerce website, any client behavior - shopping, browsing, email subscribing - will also be passed into your Bronto system and update your database.

  • Targeting and Remarketing: In addition to collecting customer data, Bronto’s system analyzes customer behavior to help you find patterns and optimal responses. You can segment leads and create marketing campaigns that target those specific audiences.

When Do We Recommend Bronto

Bronto provides a supportive feature set that can be put to use in any marketing campaign, though they market themselves specifically to support eCommerce. The benefit of Bronto is that it manages marketing automation processes -- email marketing automation, list segmentation -- in a central location, enabling your services to share information, trigger, and communicate with each other.