Marketing Automation & CRM System Website Integrations

Digital Marketing Systems For Customer Relationship Management

Having an updated CRM will impact your company’s marketing automation system as well. The information collected by your CRM informs how your automation system should act, and your client’s responses to those actions determines future responses from your CRM. A well-integrated CRM will act as an alignment tool between your sales and your marketing, help keep track of your web presence, and allow you to centrally manage multiple channels at once.

Many initial leads can be lost by marketing teams passing leads directly over to sales when the lead isn’t ready. A modern CRM gives your marketing team a better sense of timing. Instead of passing every lead over to your sales department right away, they nurture leads until they're ready. 

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Digital Marketing Systems Integration

  • Bronto

    Develop a marketing automation system with a company that understands the needs of a modern marketer. Bronto's system is built for driving commerce that you can easily track, and offers an organized marketing database that you can access from any device. 

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  • Keap

    Instead of wasting time chasing dead ends, Keap's marketing automation system helps you focus more of your time on positive customer responses. Their marketing system is built to be adaptable to any design, for any custom campaign possibility. 

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  • Marketo

    Marketo's marketing automation system connects with potential leads, builds relationships with clients through targeted marketing campaigns, and drives sales with customer responsive software. Marketo's system offers a wide range of marketing technology geared toward a high-performance digital marketing strategy. If you're looking for a system that integrates well with your customer relationship management systems, Marketo is the right choice for you. 

  • SugarCRM

    With a campaign creation system that SugarCRM has titled the "Campaign Wizard," SugarCRM's marketing automation system educates itself with the information you provide in order to modify itself for your specific marketing campaign needs. 

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  • Oracle Eloqua

    For marketers who find themselves juggling campaigns across multiple channels, Oracle Eloqua is your secret weapon. Oracle Eloqua offers a marketing automation system geared towards personalization, combining a system of lead management and easy campaign creation to read your client's digital body language. 

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  • Salesforce Pardot

    Looking for a smarter lead generation? Meet Pardot, Salesforce's B2B marketing automation system. Pardot offers the standard digital marketing tools, such as email marketing, in addition to marketing management software for ROI reporting and sales alignment. In terms of technology and management, Pardot is the marketer's complete package. 

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