Our Experience With Zendesk

Zendesk is an organizational software which uses a system of ticketing to keep track of tasks. Used for customer support, Zendesk provides a medium for the requests of clients to be registered and immediately addressed by businesses. Additionally, Zendesk’s software can be themed and customized to look like the rest of your website. We’ve integrated Zendesk for a few B2B websites and have used it internally ourselves at one point.

The Benefits

  • All Customer Conversations: Zendesk syncs with your other platforms–email marketing, social platforms–and allows you to view and manage all your platform from one central location.

  • Tools for Customization: Zendesk provides a user interface which can allow you to make customization changes and edits to your Zendesk portal, without the assistance of IT.

  • Analytics: Zendesk Benchmark allows you to gain perspective with data generated by both your clients and employees. Benchmark additionally allows you to compare your own success with that of your competitors.

  • Custom Integrations: Zendesk provides an API that allows you to integrate it with your other marketing systems, your website, and wherever else it is needed. Zendesk’s API also allows for more customization opportunities.

  • Tools for Live Chat: Zendesk’s Zopim software can be integrated with your website to offer users an opportunity for live chats with your representatives.

  • Call Center Software: Phone software is included as part of the Zendesk platform, to allow your representatives to manage client information and conversations all in the same place, across different mediums.

When Do We Recommend Zendesk

Typically, the clients we’ve recommended Zendesk to in the past are B2B. Zendesk is a beneficial addition to their system because it provides them with a digital “help desk”–allowing them to interact with chat software and immediately react to client concerns.