Our Experience With Outbrain

Outbrain is a content syndication tool that features your content on related websites. Commonly seen placed at the bottom of page content, the Outbrain feed features related content to what the user may have just read. Outbrain is a useful tool for reaching audiences that are interested in content that you’re producing. It also, much like Disqus, centralizes comment management tasks. The process of embedding Outbrain is simple, and can be done by dropping a snippet of code at the bottom of your page.

It should also be mentioned that Outbrain sometimes generates feeds with irregular content–not always what you might choose to populate your webpage with.

The Benefits

  • Set Your Budget: You can set daily budget parameters for PPC. Outbrain will only charge you for visits you receive.

  • Tools for Testing: Outbrain provides tools for testing how you share your content, optimizing Outbrain to direct higher rates of traffic to your website

  • Find the Right Audience: Working with the Outbrain team, you can configure your Outbrain account so that your content is displayed to the right, target audience.

  • Competition Analytics: You can use Outbrain to measure the success of your own content against that of your competitors.

When Do We Recommend Outbrain

For heavy content publishing sites who want to further their content distribution reach, Outbrain is an incredibly useful tool. Outbrain makes a point of weeding out any spam content, or advertisements, preserving the appearance of your own content. Both simple to use and to integrate, Outbrain makes the process of PPC and comment management easier for website administrators.