Our Experience with CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate by Conversant (previously known as Commission Junction) focuses on moderating digital affiliate marketing. Although affiliate marketing existed before the internet, the internet made tracking and processing payments to affiliate partners much easier. The biggest online affiliate program was made popular by Amazon’s Associates program. If a customer is referred to your website and uses a code provided to them by the referrer, the referrer is then given a commission.

CJ Affiliate has been around a long time, since the early days of eCommerce, working with affiliates, publishers, and advertisers to manage referrals made online.

The Benefits

  • Creating Your Network: CJ Affiliate is a supportive tool for connecting the right advertisers with the right publishers. You have more control over whose content is featured on your website, and as an advertiser, you have more control over which websites your brand appears on.

  • CPA: As an advertiser connecting with other publisher affiliates, you only have to pay once a profitable action has been completed on your website.

  • Offline Sales: CJ Affiliate helps you track offline sales made in brick and mortar stores back to the publisher who drove that individual sale.

  • Customer Offers: Because CJ Affiliate regards merchants as advertisers, it helps with the creation of offers like coupons, free trials, and newsletters.

  • Analytics Tracking: You can track sales made, following them back to their affiliate referral source, and measure ROI over time with CJ Affiliates analytics tool.

When Do We Recommend CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate is a good tool for merchants that want to take advantage of affiliate marketing. CJ Affiliate by Conversant is positioned almost like its own ad network, giving publishers (affiliates) and advertisers (merchants) more control over who they connect with.