Content Marketing Integrations

Tools for Creating Elevated Content Marketing Strategies

Content marketing tools provide a variety of ways to manage the display of content on your website, as well as how your content is shared. They can also assist with affiliate marketing campaigns, helping you track specific URL's and transactions to accurately measure your campaign's ROI. There's a spectrum to content marketing tools; while some, like Disqus, will help you mediate user conversation on your website, others, like ShareThis, will allow you to easily feature customizable social media buttons.

The main benefit of content marketing tools is their ability to lighten your load, assisting with simple content tasks that can be fulfilled with the support of an embedded third-party tool, instead of a complex custom-built widget.

Digital Marketing Systems Integration

  • Zendesk

    Integrate your website with Zendesk to mediate the organization of customer and user-generated tickets. Zendesk assists websites with customer care tasks, providing chat boxes and call center software. 

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  • AddThis

    You can integrate your website with AddThis to feature customized buttons that allow your users to either share your content to their own social media accounts or follow you on social platforms.

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  • Outbrain

    With Outbrain you can expand the reach of your content, utilizing the Outbrain network to feature your content in feeds with other, similar content on various websites. Additionally, you can populate your own website with more relevant content by featuring a curated Outbrain feed at the bottom of your web pages.

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  • ShareThis

    Use ShareThis to feature sharing buttons for social media platforms like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn on your website, inhibiting users to easily share your content to their social accounts. 

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  • CJ Affiliate

    You can integrate your website with CJ Affiliate by Conversant to closely track your affiliate marketing strategy, monitor your affiliate marketing ROI, track commissions, and expand your advertising network. 

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  • Disqus

    Use Disqus as a comment management tool on your website to keep track of user-generated conversation on your website. Disqus sends you notifications, blocks spam content, and prevents banned users from contributing unwanted content. 

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  • AvantLink

    AvantLink can help you leverage your content for stronger affiliate marketing tactics. AvantLink features tools that help you keep track of referrals, manage commissions, and vet affiliates. 

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