Our Experience

Have you ever wondered “Is my server going to be up to the task of holiday traffic?” or “I wonder when I should upgrade?” New Relic provides you the answer. New Relic is a server monitoring and analytics tool that we often deploy in vital production environments. It is a highly visual tool and can quickly see things like server performance, disc usages, and other metrics to make sure your website’s hardware is running correctly.

New Relic was founded in 2008 and has quickly expanded their installation base. One of the reasons for this growth is their partnerships with most major hosting companies, enabling them to offer a basic license to their customers. This means, depending on your hosting provider, you can have New Relic for free.

Similar to how many websites use Google Analytics to measure user analytics, New Relic provides server analytics data. Its real-time communication with your web servers and server logs means that it can visually show you how your server is performing–any errors being experienced by users, or how server resources are being consumed.

We have integrated New Relic for many clients and use it our own website. The integration process itself is quick and simple, we drop a file on the server and it keeps an eye out for upcoming issues. The software is always pinging the server to make sure things are still live.

The Benefits

  • Alerts: You can configure your system to alert you if it notices upcoming issues with disk capacity, memory capacity, and CPU.

  • Better Communication: New Relic can help your engineers, developers, and operations teams better coordinate tasks to keep your server up and running.

  • A View “Up” Into the Code: You can click through and see what PHP function was running at a specific time in your code, or what SQL query was running. This is a great way to see code in action and improve its performance.

  • Live Server Updates: New Relic’s software, once integrated with your server, is constantly “communicating” with your system to make sure that everything is functioning the way it should. It uses this to keep track of any upcoming issues that may slow your server down as well.

  • Optimize Website Speed: If your website is loading slower than it should be, it’s likely that excessive demands on your server are the issue. New Relic’s software condenses the data reported by your server and organizes it, making it easier for you to analyze activity on your server.

  • Assistance for Security: New Relic’s organization of server data is an invaluable resource for analyzing any security threats that might be taking advantage of your server.

  • Plugins Available: New Relic offers plugins for common tools such as MySQL, Apache HTTPd, and Microsoft SQL Server. These plugins allow you to monitor your data all in the New Relic environment.

When Do We Recommend New Relic

Generally, we recommend New Relic to everyone. While your marketing team may not work with it directly, any IT team, host, and developers will want it. New Relic is an invaluable tool for monitoring uptime and contributing to server management, necessary tasks for a faster website.