Our Experience With Adobe Analytics

After acquiring Omniture, Adobe began steadily integrating Omniture services into their own software, Adobe Analytics (formerly Adobe Marketing Cloud). Now, Adobe Analytics offers a wide selection of services as part of their platform, including audience segmentation, split testing, and ad creation. Their analytics service, developed from Omniture software, is similar to Google Analytics, but developed for the intended use of enterprise-level clients. We have integrated Adobe Omniture software in the past for Popcap Games, Electronic Arts, World Vision, and Precor.

The Benefits

  • Multichannel Data: Gain a complete perspective of your customer’s real-time interactions with various touch points across your entire web presence. Adobe’s Customer 360 allows you to have an uninterrupted view of your customer’s interactions, past and present, by syncing the various tools your system.

  • Predictive Software: Adobe tracks your customer’s behavioral data to present you with data on probable future customer behavior.

  • Video Analytics: For marketers running video ads, Adobe keeps track of interactions specific to video. This includes number of plays, shares, comments, and likes.

  • Measure Marketing: Adobe analytics allows you to compare the effectiveness of your marketing tools, evaluating what tactics are driving leads.

  • Real-Time Data: Analytics data is updated in real-time, meaning that you never have to worry about making decisions based on outdated data. This real-time data appears in a live feed that allows you to monitor and take action quickly.

  • Segmentation: You can segment your leads based on their behavioral data, turning attention and resources to the list of customers who are ready to convert.

When Do We Recommend Adobe Analytics

The analytics services offered by Adobe Analytics are very similar to those offered by Google Analytics. We would be most likely to recommend Adobe Analytics to a client who is already utilizing other tools offered by the Adobe, or whose enterprise-level business requires a specific scenario served by Adobe’s analytics platform.