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Web analytics provides rich data that can help you with important business decisions. They track page views, visits, visitors’ location, popular content and keywords, and revenue per page, as well as providing heat maps and real-time and summary reporting. This information helps you understand how visitors are using your site, how well it’s doing, and how you can improve the experience; it also gives you metrics to measure your web investment.

We implement tracking code, build dashboards, set up automated reporting—all the basics— and can do more complex link and event tracking as needed. Eighty percent of our clients use the free version of Google Analytics for their tracking, and the rest use Adobe Analytics. Sometimes the best source of analytics is the site’s database itself—in these cases, we use Drupal views, custom data exports, and new tools like Tableau for visualizing CMS data. 

Another piece of this puzzle is server analytics. Server analytics tools help you understand how your server and code are performing, and they monitor server uptime. We are currently using New Relic across all client sites for server performance and monitoring.


Digital Marketing Systems Integration

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    New Relic

    When it comes to real-time data, New Relic has some of the best tools on the web. New Relic allows its users to make highly informed decisions based on scrupulously analyzed customer responses and previous history. 

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  • Adobe Analytics

    Omniture was purchased by Adobe, and offers a great solution for companies that don't want to rely on Google for their website data. In addition to being a more rounded system for researching your clients, the new Adobe Analytics also offers predictive software that can help you plan for the future based on observed patterns of the past and present.

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  • Google Analytics

    Google Analytics offers free analytics tool for viewing, reporting, and measuring website performance. It connects with all Google web apps for an easy integration with Adwords, Webmasters, Google Tag Manager, and more. Optimize your brand with the analytics system designed by the world's leading search engine tech developers. 

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