Our Experience with OpenX

OpenX initially began as PHP Ads in 1998, rebranded as Open Ads in 2007, and then OpenX in 2008. OpenX is considered to be a strong competitor with Google’s ad publishing service, largely because of its open-source code. Although you’ll need your own server and development team to install OpenX, you can use the application to build your own ad network.

The biggest benefit of OpenX is the lack of percentages paid to a hosting service - like Google’s Doubleclick which takes a hefty percentage of your ad profit. OpenX requires a one-time set-up fee, leaving you to manage all your own subscribers and not having to pay a portion of your ad revenue for the service. You control your entire ad network and server.

In the past, we’ve integrated OpenX for Universal Music and PopCap Games using OpenX’s Ad Server product for Publishers, which you can see here.

The Benefits

  • An Open Source Ad Management Tool: This enables easy web development and customization. You can build your Ad Server system the way you want.

  • Forecasting Tools: Ad Server offers forecasting tools to help you quantify the success of your ad based on specified variables, such as targeting and seasonability.

  • A Configurable Decision Engine: Calculates RTB (Real-Time Bidding) and network demand to match impressions with the right ad.

  • Capable Integration: OpenX can integrate all formats, devices, and sales channels to be monitored and operated from one platform.

  • API For Integration: OpenX’s API allows it to be integrated with any of your pre-existing websites or systems.

  • The Right Ads for Your Audience: With OpenX you have a variety of ads that you can generate, such as “and/or” decisions and regional variety.

When Do We Recommend OpenX

OpenX and Doubleclick have similar feature sets. The major difference between the two services is that Doubleclick is offered to websites that receive a minimum number of views. For websites that don’t meet Doubleclick’s traffic threshold, OpenX is a good alternative.

OpenX is also a good choice for publishers who have their own relationships with advertisers, and aren’t reliant on Google’s network. However, maintaining OpenX successfully does typically take an Ad team.