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Digital Marketing Integrations

For clients interested in a web publishing experience, integrating ad servers with your website is a good investment for increasing revenue with informed ad placement.

Both ad publishers and ad server systems are third-party tools used to control ad operations. They allow a website admin to manage and monitor ads on their website from a central location. Instead of relying exclusively on information being relayed to you by an ad service agency, use fresh data generated by ad and publishing servers to track campaign statistics and discover how to hone your ad strategy for success.  

In the past, we’ve worked with previous clients to implement ad servers - such as Doubleclick, OpenX, and Google for Publishers - as part of their web strategies. We’re familiar with the goals of web publishing clients, and in the list below we recommend the best methods and services integrations to add to your web systems.

Digital Marketing Systems Integration

  • AdSense logo


    AdSense, the ad publishing system developed by Google, enables publishers who are part of the AdWords network to display Google advertising on their website. AdSense is usually a stepping stone for new publishers, if you’re unfamiliar with ad publishing it offers a good way to get into the ad revenue game.

    The greatest benefit to AdSense is that you turn a lot of traffic and use a sophisticated ad network without having to build those relationships by hand. Integrating AdSense is also a simple process, we only need to drop in their provided codes on your website to make you a participant in Google’s ad network. AdSense has also been the service to define the standards of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) for years.

    In the past we’ve worked with AdSense for RealSelf, Switchback Travel, and Northwest Navy News.

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  • OpenX logo


    Designed specifically to meet and anticipate the needs of the modern marketer in a rapidly changing, digital world, OpenX's ad publishing system allows you to maintain total control while optimizing monetization. 

    The biggest benefit of OpenX is the lack of percentages paid to a hosting service—like Google’s DoubleClick which takes a hefty percentage of your ad profit. OpenX requires a one-time setup fee, leaving you to manage all of your own subscribers and not having to pay a portion of your ad revenue for the service. You control your entire ad network and server.

    We’ve integrated OpenX for Universal Music and PopCap Games using OpenX’s Ad Server product for publishers.

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  • DoubleClick logo


    DoubleClick is a system developed from within the Google lab. With a firm understanding of customer response optimization, DoubleClick features programmatic buying and search management software, providing a more responsive system for your clients and a more manageable system for you. 

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