Shawn Adler

Sr. Front-end Developer

Shawn has been a senior front-end developer at Bear Group since 2014. Before becoming a developer, Shawn was on the design side of website projects. With 10+ years of experience linking design and development, he has brought to Bear Group a passion to bridging the gap between design and development, and a critical eye for user experience and website usability.

When not writing code or designing, you are likely to find Shawn out at his favorite secret fishing spot or out on the slopes near his home in Pontiac Michigan.




The Six Things You Need to Know About Shawn Adler

How did you become interested in web development? 

I initially went to college to become an illustrator, I have an graphic design degree with a dual focus in illustration and print identity (like corporate identity). When I graduated there wasn’t much of a living to be made as a graphic designer. Most places were hiring people without an education to do graphic design and paid them minimum wage for their work. So I decided to stay away from the graphic design industry. I had self-taught myself web development as a hobby and I got a position at a design firm to maintain their websites and do print design. From there I expanded from print to web and video production and became the firm’s new developer.

How did you end up at Bear Group?

A friend of mine was moving to Seattle. He had quit his job and found a new position with Bear Group. He decided Bear Group was not what he was looking for so he introduced me as his replacement.

What does your perfect day look like?

On a river, fishing. The two things I need for a perfect day.

What do you recommend to visitors to your area of Michigan?

They say that you can throw a stone and hit a lake, because there’s water everywhere, so there’s also a lot of great fishing spots and places to swim. However, if you come in the winter, I recommend sticking to winter sports. I prefer to snowboard.

How did you first become interested in fishing?

I’ve been fishing my whole life. My mom’s family fished and hunted year-round for food. When I was a kid, my grandfather would fish for the family, and we would fish for dinners most of the time growing up.

Would you consider yourself a big reader or more of a movie buff?

I’m not an avid reader, when I was in school and they would tell me to read a novel I would rather read a biography than fiction. Even today, I’d rather spend hours reading some kind of guide or manual than a novel. I like watching Anime as well.

If you have any additional questions for Shawn, or just want to send him a note, leave him a message below!

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