Omelio Hopwood

Web Developer

Omelio graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, with a degree in Information Technology. Even when he steps away from his desk professionally, Omelio can still be found coding in his free time. Originally from Jamaica, Omelio moved to Wisconsin with his family when he was seven years old and still lives there today. When he's not writing code, Omelio can be found playing basketball, spending time with his sons, or tinkering with smart home tech.

What You Need to Know About Omelio Hopwood

What’s your corner of the world like? What’s your favorite thing about living there? 

Currently, in Wisconsin, you can experience all four season in a week (it's a blessing and a curse). That's good when you have those “summer days” in winter but it sucks when you have snow in April. In my dream corner of the world, I have a private island near Jamaica with fiber optic internet and a boat dock.

What T.V. series/books are you currently enjoying? What T.V. series/book would you recommend to someone?

I'm currently rewatching Married with Children season 7, it's a classic. And I would recommend the original Death Note (Anime) to everyone. I just finished binge watching White Noise, and I'm going to start an anime called Monster next. 

When you’re away from your desk, what are you likely to be doing?

Eating is somehow involved.

What first interested you in web development?

In high school, I had a visual basic class (and got in trouble for downloading Quake on classmate's computers). After that, when I did my first PHP project, “hello world,” I never looked backend*.

*Developer joke.

If you had the power to see any band in concert, who would it be?

My first choice would be Marvin Gaye, and my second choice would be is a toss up between The Whispers and The Temptations.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

Since I was born in Jamaica, stationed in Japan and deployed to Iraq, I would want to see somewhere in Europe like Germany or Sweden.