Nikkita Walker

Content Marketing Manager

Nikkita Walker is a California native who uprooted herself to study literature in Utah, which should be a testament to how much she loves storytelling. She is a graduate of Brigham Young University, with a degree in English and a minor in Sociocultural Anthropology.

What You Need to Know About Nikkita Walker

What first interested you in marketing?

I first started working as a marketer when I was in college, trying to get the word out about a student journal that published scifi and fantasy stories. It was challenging work, because the magazine was quite obscure, but really rewarding to reach out to aspiring writers and interested readers who didn’t even know that such a thing was available. I’ve always been interested in writing, and marketing is like it’s own writing style.

What books do you recommend?

This is my favorite question! In order: American Gods by Neil Gaiman, East of Eden by John Steinbeck, The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury, and Sunshine by Robin McKinley. Maybe M is for Magic by Kelly Link. And I’ve recently discovered a great short fiction writer named Alice Sola Kim. Oh! And All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy. Once I start talking about books it’s always difficult to stop.

How has technology affected modern communication and writing?

I think it has been really interesting to see how technology has opened up new means of communication that haven’t really been available before. For example, I have a friend in Thailand that I chat with all the time through Facebook, but when I want to talk to a lot of people at once I use Twitter. If I’m trying to express an emotion, I’m more likely to look for a gif on Pinterest or Tumblr. The variety of ways to express yourself has really driven the creation of new technology and art.

What was the first computer you owned?

A brick. It was a 1993 Dell XPS and between the monitor and the desktop it must have weighed a ton. But back then the dial up tone of that old machine had the same magic to me as the wheezing sound of the TARDIS from Doctor Who.

What social media do you use to stay up to date?

Most of the time I follow events through Facebook, it’s not always the first place information shows up but it is the easiest to manage and usually there are first hand posts from people who were directly involved. Twitter information spreads quickly, it’s so short and to the point. I also love reading The Guardian, I think they have the best quality of writing and the most objective voice when reporting American news.

What do you recommend for visitors to Utah, where you work from?

Start out in Salt Lake City, and eat as much as you can. The foodie scene is booming there and you can get excellent ramen, k-pop fries, handmade marshmallows, and schwarma all on the same street. And then spend whatever time you have left hiking and camping, my personal favorites are Goblin Valley and Zion National Park.

If you have more questions for Nikkita, or would like to welcome her to the team please send her a tweet at @walkernikkita!

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