Michele Wickham

Sr. Developer

Michele has typically worked on long-term enterprise projects, including World Vision, Precor, and currently HMP. She is an excellent all-around developer but has developed a specialty in content migration, and in one impressive project successfully migrated data from 85 sites to one individual instance. She is deeply familiar with the Migration API for Drupal and has written many custom migration scripts.

Michele has been a programmer for 15 years, and has been working heavily in Drupal for the last 8. Prior to Bear Group, she worked on a large Drupal installation for Sony Pictures. Michele has a degree in software engineering, lives in Seattle, and feels fortunate to have been around at the very start of the internet era.

What You Need to Know About Michele Wickham

How did you find Bear Group?

I had worked with Emily in the past and learned about Bear Group when she went to work for them.

What first interested you in web development?

I was working at Immunex helping to create the forms used for pharmaceutical trials as I had a background in photo typesetting. Some of the researchers wanted to share this exciting new thing called a “browser” - Mosaic. They had been using Gopher prior to that and the new browser technology promised to make sharing scientific papers and images much easier. I noticed that this new markup - HTML - looked like the typesetting markup I used. I was one of the first people I knew that had a web page. And to my shame, probably one of the first people to have very loud background gifs and blinking text.

Can you remember the first computer you’ve ever had?

A Commodore 64. I was in high school and on long, rainy, Washington afternoons I taught myself Basic so I could hear what some piano scores sounded like since I figured out how to write the notes in 4-bit sound.

What do you like best about Seattle?

It’s a very relaxed, laid back town. For visitors, I recommend enjoying the Washington State Ferry system and Pike Place Market.

Do you consider yourself more of a movie buff or a book lover? Do you have any recommendations?

I like podcasts and audio books, particularly history and non-fiction. While I’m not much into movies, I do like historical dramas like Downton Abbey and pretty much anything to do with science and nature.

If you aren’t coding, what are you most likely to be doing?

I like to watch documentaries, read, write, and garden.

If you have any additional questions for Michele or you just want to say hello, send her a tweet @WickhamMichele!