Matthew Simpson

Sr. Front-end Developer

Matthew joined Bear Group in 2012 with experience managing site content, designing websites and implementing front-end code to bring designs to life in the browser.

Matthew earned a BBA with a focus on Marketing and brings 9+ years of experience as a web designer to the team. Blending a passion for technology and good design he understands web development as a service of marketing. Matthew enjoys collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving with a team. Versed in all aspects of the web, he is comfortable communicating with developers, designers and business-minded folks alike.

Matthew has long been fascinated with the Internet -- since saving up for a 14.4 kbit/s modem was something an inquisitive kid would do. He finds pleasure in grid-based design, typography, cooking, and guitar.

What You Need to Know About Matthew Simpson

When did you get your first computer? What kinds of things did you do with it? 

I received my first computer in the mid 80’s. My family bought an Apple IIc and I used it to play the computer game “Zork.” By late elementary school I was already really interested in connectivity and that computers could essentially act like phones. I was interested in the graphic user input side of things.

Can you remember where your early interest in computers came from?

I remember going over to a friend’s house - they had a dial up - and he was telling me how they got Super Bowl game day recipes off the internet. I was really interested in what his dad was telling me about what the internet would be and what it could do so far.

What’s your favorite kind of music? What do you like to play on your guitar?

I like all music, and depending on my mood I like playing acoustic and or electric music.

What does your perfect day look like?

It starts with a good coffee and ends with a home cooked meal, then doing some coding and a good workout in between. I like to cook, and cooking was a hobby I discovered on my own. It’s an activity you start paying more attention to when you’re eating healthy and experimenting with recipes. I could eat breakfast for any meal of the day.

What do you recommend to visitors to Seattle?

I moved to Seattle from Atlanta in 2004 and I love it here. Get out and enjoy the outdoors, day hike, see the mountains and water. There’s a really great food scene here, make sure you check out the farmer’s market and try a local restaurant tour.

If you have any additional questions for Matthew, or just want to send him a note, message him via his Linkedin profile!

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