Kevin Davison

Sr. Technical Project Manager

With two decades of experience and an enthusiasm for tackling new development projects, Kevin has been involved in several entrepreunerial ventures since his first business, Quevin, which he founded in 2007. With a unique perspective of both business and technology, Kevin possesses an expertise for finding technical solutions.

An extensive world traveler, Kevin and his family have recently moved to the Seattle area, and are loving their new home. Kevin plans to travel once again, as soon as he can convince his daughter not to worry about sharks in China. 

The Six Things You Need to Know About Kevin Davison

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Hawaii, during Dad’s service in the United States Air Force Band. At a time too early for me to recall, my parents returned home to Illinois near the Mississippi river. I grew up close to family and their farms, far from any ocean. We lived in various small towns near corn fields to run through, lakes to fish in, and creeks with lots of crawfish to catch and bring home.

Who’s been your biggest inspiration throughout your career?

I’ve been inspired by so many people I’ve been lucky to know, and most recently by my daughter. She teaches me to ask many questions with fresh, new perspectives on life.

How did you become interested in web development?

Because my father was developing software in the 80’s, I had access to a few computers to toy with (and jam the disk drive to). I wrote some BASIC on an Apple IIe in middle school. I then discovered BBS and free AOL CD-ROM’s, soon to understand that there was much more potential with the internet. I built my own x86’s as each CPU outdated, and I began designing simple graphics in Photoshop while writing HTML to share content on web pages. My first sites were volunteer work, and then I started to sell web design and development services in 1997.

What do you like best about living in Seattle?

We live central to the ocean, trees, and mountains. As well as all that Seattle has to offer with culture, food, and entertainment. It’s also great to raise a family, living north of town in Shoreline. I moved my family from San Francisco in 2015. We now live closer to family and have a better way of life, and we haven’t looked back since.

What’s your favorite travel story to tell?

I’ve been grateful to have traveled to over 26 countries on multiple occasions before getting married and raising my daughter. She doesn’t want to travel to China yet, “because of the sharks.” Or Australia, “because of box jellies.”

I was traveling from Laos to Thailand in December 2004, and my destination would have taken me to Koh Phi Phi, in the Andaman Sea. Instead, I met a Scottish friend in Cambodia who insisted I divert my itinerary to a secluded beach on Koh Phangan. That was in the Gulf of Thailand, where I was much safer from the Tsunami on the 26th. My family at home was terrified, and I had to climb a hill with cell signal to let them know I was just fine.

Are there any open-source projects that you’re interested in at the moment?

I’ve concentrated most of my attention on Drupal since 2009 (as “Quevin”). More recently, OpenAI fascinates me and I’d like to learn more in the area of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). I’m a technology generalist in the area of complex system integrations, quickly learning new technologies from project-to-project.

If you have any additional questions for Kevin or would like to welcome him to Bear Group, you can tweet/follow him at @Quevin.

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