Emily Goodeve

Director of Technical Project Management

ScrumMaster Certification BadgeEmily has been a technical project manager at Bear Group since 2011. Emily's role is to lead our enterprise projects throughout the development phase. She has become an expert on site building, which we define as implementing all aspects of Drupal configuration from the admin panel. She provides the glue between a website's design, content, functionality and code and works actively with the client and development teams. Emily is also a certified ScrumMaster, a credential which signifies her deep expertise in agile project management. 

She has a MA degree in Ancient History and a BA in Political Science and History. She is enrolled in yoga teacher training and volunteers for the Down Syndrome Association of LA by helping them with their website and yoga program.


The Six Things You Need to Know About Emily Goodeve

Why did you decide to get an MA in history? What historical event/ time period is the most interesting to you? 

I started out as a Political Science major and originally planned to go to law school. But I had an amazing history professor and became fascinated by Greek and Roman history. I then traveled to Europe to visit historical sites in Italy and Greece and I decided to pursue a Masters in Ancient History. At the moment, the Peloponnesian war is my favorite historical event, but that changes depending on the day, just like my favorite historical figures (for me, it’s a close tie between Alexander the Great and Seneca).  I thought about pursuing a Ph.D. but got lured away by digital world. When I was in grad school I was working for a company part-time as a webmaster and I found that I preferred the work-lifestyle balance.

How did you find Bear Group?

I was at a digital media agency and planned to leave to pursue screenwriting full-time. I figured I'd pick up some part-time work in the meantime and came across a job posting for Bear Group.  I still do screenwriting on the side, but love what I do at Bear Group and who I work with, so quickly decided not to pursue writing full-time.

What would you recommend to LA visitors? Where else have you traveled?

The beach! I like to go to this little hidden beach off of Malibu Road that's so beautiful. I then go to this nearby restaurant called Ollo for brunch. The Getty Villa is a great place to visit; they have a wonderful collection of Greek and Roman artifacts.  I’ve traveled to England, Scotland, Ireland, The Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, France, and Iceland. I actually lived in Iceland for a month while studying abroad when it was light out for 23 hours a day.

Can you remember the first computer you ever owned?

It was one of those apple computers from 1986. My family would use it for playing games, but my mom preferred for us to be outside and play sports.

How did you become interested in site building?

When I was working at the digital media agency, Michele, who is now a Sr. Developer at Bear Group, would teach me how to help out with site building in Drupal. It's one of my favorite parts of my job.

What kind of work do you do with the Down Syndrome Association of LA?

They have an annual event called a Buddy Walk, and I help them maintain their website and work as a consultant for them on moving into new integrations and systems. I’m also a certified yoga instructor so have helped out with teaching toddlers in their yoga program.

If you have any additional questions for Emily, send her a message via her LinkedIn!

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