Corey Kahler

Sr. Web Developer

Corey brings 9+ years of experience working in Drupal and other applications to Bear Group. He is a rare breed of developer that can traverse front-end theming, back-end module development, and application integration, all wrapped in strong communication skills.

He is a certified scrum master, writer, and chef. He splits his time between Bear Group and working as a college instructor in a computer science program. He picked up programming one summer in high school, and since then, he's had the opportunity to work with the majority of web frameworks, app development, and game engines.

    The Six Things You Need to Know About Corey Kahler

What is the biggest shift in the digital space that you have experienced?     

Well, I started coding on the Commodore 64 so there's a lot of shift in my lifetime. Recently, I'm most interested in the spaces of relevance, things like search relevance to hidden relevance in how content is generated specifically for you, and open hardware space. I believe the aggregation of smaller specialized devices mixed with giving computers an intuitive sense of their users will be extremely powerful to moving beyond "digital" experiences.

What has been the most influential technology for you?

Obviously the web. Not just for the impact it had on the digital market but, for me, it was the lowest barrier of entry to doing something digitally. I didn't grow up with very nice computers or good software, so doing application development in the early 90’s and late 80’s wasn’t possible. But when the web came along a free version of Internet Explorer and Notepad were all you needed to make things happen. Even if you didn't have enough bandwidth to actually put things on the web.

How long have you been teaching at Northwest University in Kirkland?    

I've only been at Northwest for one semester. The school doesn't have a computer science program or technology classes that have an application in business or design. We're hopefully going to start the class sequence next year, which'll include an additional semester of algorithms, data structures and design patterns.

What do you like best about the Pacific Northwest?    

I like the weather, it's always green, it's near the water, and it always feels clean. Contrary to the infamous "Seattle Freeze" I feel most people are very pleasant and talkative; there's a lot of acceptance here. I’ve lived here my whole life.

We hear you’re something of a chef, what drew you to cooking and what’s your most perfected dish?

I was never a proper chef, but I was professional cook. Just like with my interest in computers, I really like to know how things are made. However, with cooking you have to do a lot that depends upon skills and knowledge that can't be expressed, only implemented and practiced. It works on a different area of your brain. Plus it's nice to work with your hands. With that in mind, I can't say I've perfected anything. I have opinions about what I could have done better with my scrambled eggs. But I'm not too bad at making pasta and challah bread.

What does your perfect day look like?

I like to be pretty active and feel accomplished. However, if we're looking for something fun, I enjoy restaurant-hopping, as opposed to bar hopping, throughout a day. Go to breakfast, grab coffee, get some afternoon pastries, ramen for lunch, let that settle with some tea, early happy hour, apps, dinner, dessert, finally some taco truck at night. Or whatever works for your tastes. Perfect would be putting that on someone else's tab.

If you have any additional questions for Corey, or just want to send him a note welcoming him to the team, send him a tweet via @tiltedlistener!

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