Chris Bovard

Sr. Front-end Developer

Chris has worked on almost all of the websites currently under our management. Chris has a unique blend of coding expertise in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and related technologies. Chris also possesses a great design aesthetic, Photoshop skills and the ability to work with graphic designers. He has been building responsive websites for the last 5+ years.

Chris has been working with Drupal since 2007. He is based in Jasper, Alberta and is an avid cyclist, climber, and skier.

What You Need to Know About Chris Bovard

How did you first become interested in web development? 

I played with computers from a young age, my uncle and I developed computer games on our Commodore 64. Later when I was in college I realized that I liked the dynamic career that came with web development.

What’s the craziest work experience you’ve ever had?

At one point I had a job reading electrical meters, running the routes. I was chased by dogs more times than I can count, but once I was chased by a huge chicken. ‘Beware of the chicken'. I also wanted to be a chef for a while and worked at Heliski Place until 2000 but eventually I decided that I didn’t like the lifestyle.

What does your perfect day look like?

Sleeping in, getting a good coffee, going out for lunch, and cycling in the afternoon. I’m a competitive cyclist, and this area is great for long-distance mountain bike racing.

Which do you prefer, reading books or watching films?

I think I do both equally, I like scifi and action stories told on any medium. Right now I’m reading The Rescue of Bat 21 by Darrel Whitcomb, which is about an American pilot shot down while flying over Vietnam during the war - I recommend it. I also really liked the film Interstellar.

How did you first connect with Bear Group?

I met Greg while looking for jobs specifically dealing with Drupal. After working with Drupal for a few years through previous work experiences, I knew what aspect of web development I wanted to commit to.

Do you have any experience with traveling?

I’ve traveled around Canada, and I traveled around Europe for three weeks going between London and Paris. Paris is a great location for couples, but London was my favorite because there was always some kind of event going on that you could join.

If you have any additional questions for Chris, or just want to send him a note, message him via his Linkedin profile!