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Adam Doe

Web Developer

Adam Doe grew up in Wisconsin, where he attended the University of Wisconsin and earned a degree in Information Science and Information Technology. Since then, Adam has worked on a diverse array of projects and has an expansive knowledge of web development. Currently, Adam lives in Reno and loves his view. 

What You Need to Know About Adam Doe

How did you first become interested in web development?

The internet was already mainstream growing up and I was fascinated by it. I remember learning how to type with Typer Shark on Popcap Games in elementary school, teaching myself HTML/CSS in middle school, and writing scripts on social media platforms soon after that. I’ve always loved the blend of art and computer science that comes with web design and development.

What is your current favorite band?

Bon Iver. Justin Vernon is from Eau Claire, WI and I always feel at home listening to his albums.

What would you recommend to visitors of your corner of the world?

I’m fairly new to Reno, but it seems like there’s something here for everyone. Sand Harbor on Lake Tahoe is absolutely great for a beach day, kayaking, or stand up paddle boarding. There’s plenty of great food, hiking, museums, and events around town as well.

You’re from Wisconsin - does Wisconsin really have the best cheese?

No, they have the world’s gratest cheese. Sorry for the pun. While I’ve heard a few world champion cheese wheels come from Wisconsin, I think the amount of cheese produced there is what makes it so popular. I usually grab some Ellsworth cheese curds at the gas station whenever I’m home.

When you’re not at your desk, what are you most likely doing?

Hiking or mountain biking near Lake Tahoe, grabbing a coffee along Reno’s Riverwalk, or watching The Office.

Are there any open source projects or emerging tech that you’re interested in or currently following?

I recently built a project with Angular and NgRx, so I’ve been following that closely.