Developer & Web Operations

How We Securely Establish Staging and Production Environments

In 2012, we started a partnership with a company in Australia to provide extensive developer operations and web operations support.

This development toolset is independent of the 3rd party hosting. We are using it to manage our own staging and production servers at Rackspace, and client installations at Nexcess and Acquia. 

These tools make it easy to safely install, sync, upgrade, deploy, and back up any of our client sites on Drupal or Magento®. For our developers, it has pulling new websites to work on in minutes instead of hours. It creates a safe working environment for development (on local virtual machines) and facilitates client testing on staging environments.  

Our current environment includes:

  • Puppet to manage and configure all environments

  • Jenkins to manage deployments and syncs between environments

  • Bitbucket as our main code repository, tightly integrated with Jira so it associates code commits with work tickets

  • Vagrant / VirtualBox for local virtual machines

  • And several custom written linux commands, that allow us to pull any of our clients websites "local" for development in minutes