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Responsive Web Development and Web Design

People used to look at websites on their computers at home or at work. The advent of wireless broadband service allowed for the untethering of the computer from the wall and wildfire spread of smartphones and tablets in recent years, that’s quickly changed. You can no longer optimize your website for a desktop screen—you have to consider the user experience from any device.

This isn’t as hard as it used to be, though. With responsive design, the layout of your website adapts to the screen size. This ensures that everyone has a similar experience with your website and no one has to zoom or resize to read the content. Meanwhile, the design is intentional, no matter whether it is viewed on a desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, or other device.

Responsive: Why You Need a Mobile Strategy Now More Than Ever

Responsive Websites In Action

To see how this works, check out a great responsive design site—a few we have built include Domu or Liska + Associates. Compare the view on your computer to the view on your phone or tablet. Or start with the website taking up your full computer screen, then resize your browser window width and see how the site adapts.

Helm Publishing

Offering courses and textbooks for diatetics professionals, Helm Publishing has used its new responsive website to become an invaluable resource, available anywhere at any time.


For more than 60 years, television station KCTS 9 has been the region’s public broadcaster, serving viewers across Seattle and southern British Columbia.


Fortive formed their company in an effort to accelerate progress in the electrical engineering industry. When Fortive created their website, they wanted it to represent that same level of industry expertise.

Bear's skill level for web design and development are at the top of their profession. Their references for the graphics for our website were golden.

Seann Bardell


Domu is an invaluable resource for potential Chicago renters, aiming to help alleviate the anxiety and headache of finding new housing. Making their listing information and images accessible, especially for a mobile resident-to-be, was a priority for their web development.

Seattle Chocolates

For Seattle Chocolates, the visual experience of their website is a priority for displaying the quality of their chocolate. To preserve their aesthetic and make their online store more accessible to chocolate-lovers on the go, they boosted their website with a responsive layout.

Switchback Travel

Switchback Travel produces a great amount of helpful content for the modern, researching adventurer. But, as is often the case for most adventurers, many of their readers are on the go and needed a website that could still be visually appealing and user friendly - no matter where they are.

Glazer's Camera

After almost a century of good business, Glazer's Camera knows that customer service is invaluable. To better assist their customers, even those photographers too busy to visit their brick and mortar store, Glazer's Camera contacted us to build a responsive website.

Respsonsive Web Design: Why We Recommend It

Since 2014, the number of internet users on mobile devices has surpassed that of desktop users. Having a responsive web design capable of fitting itself to any screen size is no longer a cutting-edge development, but an industry standard. Our team is an enthusiastic advocate of responsive web design, each custom website that we build we configure to be responsive just as a matter of course. Just recently, we updated our website's responsive layout to make it more user-friendly.

If you have any questions, or are interested in the benefits of a responsive website, let us know. We can easily make your site responsive, too.