Website Development Support

Ongoing Support for Your Web Presence

Ongoing, and Complete Support

We believe that a website is never finished. The internet is a dynamic, living entity built on the ingenuity and changing demand of the market - there's always more to do, and there's always more that we want to do.

Often, even after the completion of our initial projects, we will continue to work with the same clients periodically to update their website or their online systems to match their changing company or to keep up with user experience standards. We love assisting those same clients and working together with them as partners in development year after year, project after project, and sprint after sprint to help them grow.


Their level of responsiveness is incredibly reassuring. If an emergency comes up, they are there to help. And since Bear Group joined us, our online revenue has grown significantly.

Web Support Option 1

For clients who want to make ongoing upgrades to their website, we offer monthly support plans with dedicated development teams. Together (typically in a tool called JIRA) we set up a backlog of development tasks and provide estimates for the implementation of each item. During monthly meetings, we review the backlog and determine the development activity for the coming month. Typically we'll do a single 2-week sprint each month (roughly 70 hours of development). This option offers continual forward momentum for your online presence.


Web Support Option 2

We also offer as-needed support, typically for smaller 1-3 hour updates, bug fixes, and quick tweaks. This is a low-cost option, but support is limited and can have a long turn-time. For clients with many updates, we usually encapsulate the work into a small multi-day project and will provide an estimate ahead of time.