Web development support

We provide two approaches to development support depending on a clients online goals and web strategy.

For clients who want to make a number of upgrades to their web site, we have monthly support plans with dedicated development teams. Together (typically in a tool called Jira) we set up a backlog of development tasks, and provide estimates for each items implementation. During monthly meetings we review the backlog and establish the development activity for the month ahead.  Typically we'll do a single two week sprint each month for clients in this plan (roughly 70 hours of development).  This provides continual forward momentum for you online presence.

We also offer as-needed support, typically for smaller 1-3 hour updates, bug fixes, and quick tweaks.  This is a low-cost option, but support is limited and can have a long turn-time.  For clients with many updates, we usually with encapsulate the work into a small multi-day project and will provide an estimate ahead of time.

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