Magento Commerce Configuration

Custom eCommerce Services

Custom Magento eCommerce Websites

There are three versions of Magento. We have some clients running the enterprise licensed version, but the free community edition is where most companies start. After we install Magento on a new server, it is an empty shell, ready to become an e-commerce site. This shell has immense potential—Magento is a system rich in functionality, and can pull off anything e-commerce you put in front of it. There are hundreds of options to choose from. (For reference, the Magento user guide—for day-to-day users—is 326 pages.) We configure Magento to your unique situation and needs, based on factors such as the types of products, fulfillment, and customers you will have.

Some of the typical configuration tasks include:

  • Creating the Sites / Stores / Store Views unique to your store or multi-store needs

  • Setting up catalog and product attributes, so inventory can be added to the system

  • Shipping methods, payment methods, and payment gateways

  • Transactional emails and customer communication

  • Server-side SSL certifications and IP addresses

In addition to the hundreds of options available in a standard configuration, Magento has many excellent community extensions (usually available for a small cost) that can add functionality to your store. We have used many of them and can quickly separate the wheat from the chaff.