Digital Marketing Technology Integrations

Custom Website Integrations for a More Integrated MarTech Stack

These days, chances are good that your website is your online flagship, but more than likely, you'll employ a variety of online tools to maximize your marketing impact. There are a multitude of good online platforms, systems, and tools that can help you to attract new customers, cultivate brand loyalty, drive sales, measure results and ROI, and evaluate and improve your online performance.

We can help you set up a vibrant marketing ecosystem online, with your website at its core. Drupal and Magento have strong APIs and are highly extensible, and we can make your website talk to a variety of other systems. More importantly, though, we have the marketing focus to help you navigate the sea of options and figure out which tools make sense for your business.

We have done integrations with all of the tools listed and more. Our knowledge in this domain is broad rather than deep, so although we aren’t experts in most of these tools, we can provide guidance, recommend helpful resources, deliver a seamless web experience for you and your customers, and create a productive digital marketing ecosystem for your business.

Personalization Technology

Personalization tools including many tools within the Drupal CMS and Adobe Test & Target help you serve up just the right content at the right time, putting to use everything you already know about the user on your site.

Website and Server Analytics Technology

Analytics tools–such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and New Relic–provide hard data on how your site is performing. Real-time and summary reporting reveal page views, popular content, revenue per page, keyword tracking, and heat maps.

SEO Technology

SEO optimization tools such as SEOMoz’s Site Tracker, Positionly, webmaster tools, and general web analytics help you understand your strengths and weaknesses in Search and require very little integration.

Ad Publishing and Ad Server Technology

Ad publishing software such as Doubleclick, OpenX, and Google for Publisher help sell, target, optimize, track, deliver, and control all ad placements and revenue—they are critical to web clients who depend on inline advertising as a revenue stream.

Social Media Marketing Technology

Social media platforms can be integrated with your website in many ways—for example, displaying live Twitter or Facebook feeds, adding open graph tags for Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to better understand when web content is shared, using Facebook or Google accounts for account sign-in, using Olapic for product images, and tying Facebook games to inventory management.


Take advantage of what your consumers are saying about your business on social media by displaying curated social posts on your website.


As the largest owner of data online, utilizing Google+ is a great way to take advantage of the Google network.


YouTube is one of the most used search engines on the internet, and a great way for your business to be found.


Pinterest is highly visually driven and requires URL's for its pins, it can be a supportive tool for directing web traffic.


With limited text and high visibility, Instagram can offer your company to be a part of a dominantly visual conversation.


Linkedin provides a connection between your web presence and an interconnected professional network.


The largest advertising network on the internet, Facebook can be much more than just a social platform.


Twitter can act as a marketing resource for gaining attention around live events, or as a customer service tool.

"CMO’s will spend more on technology than CIO’s in 2017."

 - Gartner Group

Split Testing Technology

A/B Testing tools such as Google Analytics Experiments, Adobe Marketing Cloud, and Visual Website Optimizer help you maximize conversion by testing user response to different versions of your content, layout, and design.


Visual Website Optimizer

Adobe Marketing Cloud

Google Analytics

Bear Group works as your partner to make the design and development process simple and straightforward. They provided tremendous value to our team and were helpful and easy to work with. We paid them the best compliment we could give by hiring them to work on many more projects within our organization!

– Dawn Miller McKimpson

Marketing Automation and Customer Relationship Management Systems

Marketing software can help you manage the entire customer lifecycle, segment customers, and automate campaigns.

Bronto can collect, integrate, and provide you with detailed reports on valuable customer behavior data.

Wild Apricot offers membership manager, email marketing service, a website builder other supportive automation and CRM services.

Zoho works to better improve communication between your sales and marketing team, allowing you to contact leads at the right time with the right strategy.

Organize your contacts and take advantage of customer behavior data by letting it inform your marketing systems.

Marketo is a great tool for pursuing and building relationships with your customers. Manage both loyal customers and potential leads with the same attention and care.

SugarCRM connects marketing, sales, service, and support to assist your relationships with your clients.

Oracle-Eloqua provides an extensive list of services, including data warehousing, developer tools, and many different applications.

Salesforce is built with the goal of achieving smarter lead generation, without over-complicating the management process for yourself.

Event Management Systems


For larger enterprises that have a complex system of event management, CiviCRM is a scalable event management software, offering a simple user interface for complex tasks.

MindBody offers features for simple event creation, notification tools, managing user accounts, and handling transaction processes.

Embed eTouches within your website to offer easy event registration to your users, as well as a simpler form of event management for admin.

Often preferred for hosting corporate events, Cvent is simple to integrate and offers a wide set of features for managing events and user accounts.

One of the most widely used event management systems, Eventbrite is easily embedded within your website to offer a simple registration process for your users.


Content Marketing Systems

You can use content marketing systems to facilitate conversations on your website, manage affiliate marketing strategies, further your content's outreach, and add customized social media buttons.

CJ Affiliate by Conversant