Web development teams

Many clients come to us with multiple projects and long-term web development goals. For these clients, we offer the option of hiring a dedicated web development team. In this model, we agree ahead of time on a project road map and build the team with the skills you need.  A staffing agency or general contractor may hire on the fly—in contrast, our teams are made up entirely of highly experienced Bear Group team members managed by a web development lead who will help you from planning stages through implementation.

If you are an enterprise-level firm with your own in-house developers, our web development teams can accelerate your complex implementation and provide the Drupal or Magento expertise you need to make sure it’s done correctly the first time.

If you are a mid-size firm with or without in-house web development, but with strong online growth plans and multiple web projects planned, our web development teams are long-term partners who make continuous progress toward your goals while pacing the cost of web development over a fixed number of months.

For all types of clients, the many benefits of development teams include:

You get expert support. We have worked on some of the most advanced Drupal and Magento implementations in the region, and on numerous types of marketing integrations. We can provide guidance and expert web development to make sure your project goes efficiently and smoothly.

You choose the type of help you need, when you need it. We have consultants, technical project managers, senior web developers, senior front-end web developers, technical writers, and content coordinators on staff.

You are armed with a flexible and scalable resource. We can provide one part-time consultant one month, and a team of web developers the next. We are equipped to handle the full range of requirements of even a large organization, from project management and web operations to training, documentation, and communication.

You simplify administrative work and budgeting, since we agree ahead of time on monthly costs. We determine how many hours a month you will want of web developer time, technical program management, etc., so you are never surprised by a monthly bill. This approach—an hourly, resource-based approach rather than a fixed bid—also avoids wasting time with a long scoping phase at the beginning.

You avoid in-scope/out-of-scope conversations. Any features on the web development roadmap that fall within the hour allocation in a particular month are considered within scope.

You spread project costs out over time. This approach allows you to spread out large projects to make them affordable for your company—while having an end date in sight.

You reserve our time. When you employ this model, you guarantee a certain amount of dedicated time each month and a focus on the highest-priority functionality. You make continuous progress without losing momentum. No matter how busy we are, you are already on our calendars.

You continuously roll out new features. We employ a flexible, agile-based web development approach, often pushing out new releases every two weeks.

You have a loyal partner in web development. You will build a strong relationship with your web development team as you work together toward shared goals. Weekly planning and review meetings, consistency in developers who become deeply knowledgeable in your site and code, and fluid communication all contribute to building powerful, seamless teams.

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