Custom Extensions for Drupal and Magento

Modules, Extensions, and PHP Development

Custom Drupal CMS Development

What makes Drupal and Magento® so powerful are strong API's that provide a framework allowing us to scope and build custom modules, extending a website’s functions to do almost anything. We have written hundreds of custom modules for these systems specific to clients’ needs. Examples include custom maps, custom login routines, integration with a variety of web services, and integration between Drupal and Magento. Custom modules, written in PHP in both Drupal and Magento, turn a basic Drupal site into something no one else has, and extend the base system into something that will work specifically for your business.

Our senior developers write all custom modules. They have a broad range of programming skills, but most work is currently in PHP and leverages the Drupal and Magento API's. This focus has allowed us to build a deep code base and strong knowledge in PHP coding.

In addition to developing custom Drupal and Magento modules, Bear Group’s senior developers assist with server technology choices, do advanced PHP work, and manage and grow our code base of custom project work. They are the rocks for all Bear Group development project and provide technical leadership throughout the company. They are responsible for mentoring and do frequent code reviews, establishing best practices and maintaining standards. Senior developers have 4-year computer science degrees and follow industry trends in emerging and existing web technologies.

Our senior dev team works on extended engagements, often working closely with a client's internal development team or technical leadership. They do quality assurance work, from unit testing their code to functional testing on local environments. They make sure code that is pushed to the live tier is stable, functional and meets client standards.

A Bear Group senior developer’s toolkit includes:

  • PHP mastery, working with many frameworks and types of code

  • Experience integrating with third-party API's and web services

  • LAMP server administration on dedicated hardware and cloud hosting, MySQL knowledge, and SCM administration

  • Front-end and standard Internet protocols, cross-browser, XML, HTML, HTTP, XHTML, CSS, Javascript (jQuery), Flash, AJAX