API Development

For Magento and Drupal

Custom System Integrations

One of the many benefits of Magento® is that it has strong API’s that are highly extensible. Our senior development team has done integrations with many types of in-house systems that receive and send data to the website. Integrations include:

  • Social API's:  Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Google+.

  • Custom systems: Internally developed systems that make API's available or export XML or JSON to be read by a custom Magento module.

  • Geo-IP Detection: Support for multi-region, multi-language sites.

  • Reporting: Custom data extracts or excel connections.

  • Event Management & Registration Systems

  • CRM

  • Inventory: Custom inventory management connections, or Point of Sale systems.

  • Internal databases: Custom databases, HR systems, and billing systems that need pieces securely exposed to the web or are used for creating user accounts.

  • Email Marketing

  • Accounting Systems

Most modern platforms provide an API, and we leverage them to provide tight integration with the web system and keep the web experience seamless for your customers.