Magento eCommerce Development Services

Magento eCommerce Development Services

Magento is an eCommerce platform that, since its release in 2008, has been redefining the eCommerce space for online business. With its scalability, open source code, and navigable user interface, Magento is now the most widely used eCommerce platform on the web.

Custom Magento eCommerce Website Themes

Build your website around a unique Magento theme custom built by our development team. Your online storefront should reflect your company's brand, from a unique navigational experience to a specific checkout process. Have the user experience you want, built with the right design and supported by functional integrity.

Custom eCommerce Themes 

Custom eCommerce Solutions with Magento eCommerce

Magento was originally created for business and marketing admin, built with a user interface similar to a CMS to allow non-technical admin to easily manage their own website. Within Magento, managing shipping options, product descriptions, and transaction processes aren't tasks that you need to be a programmer to do. Magento's system can also be easily integrated with either a pre-existing or new website, providing a centralized navigational experience for your users.

Custom eCommerce Solutions 

Magento eCommerce Store Setup and Configuration

One of Magento's strengths is its receptiveness to customization; this is where the benefit of being an open-source system comes into play. Our development team can help configure your Magento system to be fully supportive of your eCommerce and online marketing needs, fitting your system to your business.

eCommerce Configuration 

Custom Magento eCommerce Examples

Over the years our web development team has had the opportunity to collaborate with some amazing clients to build better, custom storefronts using Magento.

"Responsiveness and professionalism - we love working with Bear Group and all of the top notch people we get to work with on Magento projects."
– Jesse Kruchoski

Upgrading Magento eCommerce Stores

Bear Group provides assistance with Magento system upgrades, helping you migrate your content safely from your older website to newly released versions of Magento without loss to organization or data. Magento provides resources that allow for this transition as easily as possible, allowing us as developers to transition your data and implement your organization within your new storefront.

eCommerce Upgrades 

Web Development Quality Assurance (Testing)

We provide Quality Assurance for every new website project, ensuring clients have the best online storefront and marketing tool starting at launch. In addition to our own Quality Assurance process, we also collaborate with your in-house team, ensuring that you have a chance to review your site before it goes live.

Web Development Quality Assurance 

Marketing Systems Integrations

Today you have numerous online tools and resources available to you to maximize your marketing impact—email marketing, split testing, marketing automation, social widgets, and contextual personalization are just a few. We can integrate your website with platforms that give you the tools and data to achieve your marketing goals.