Design firm partnerships

Bear Group often serves as the website implementation partner for design firms.  We have graphic design relationships in the Northwest that go back 20 years, and we continue to do project after project in partnership with leading design firms. We feel it's the perfect partnership—our strength lies squarely in our technical expertise, and we don't pretend to be designers. We can step in as complements on complex web and CMS projects.

We typically work side by side with a design firm on new projects, providing the initial technical guidance and scoping with the client.  During the design review (comp) phase, we provide feedback to the designer on the feasibility and cost of planned features. As we move into the development phase, our roles reverse, with designers providing timely feedback on early implementations and validating that the functionality is as envisioned. On simpler projects, the design may itself be the functionality and requirements doc—we like to work nimbly and make things as simple as possible.