Magento eCommerce Development

Development Services for Custom Magento Websites

Magento®, an open source eCommerce platform, powers all of our eCommerce solutions. Released in 2008, it is quickly redefining the eCommerce space for businesses that need a custom store solution, and more than 100,000 merchants around the world already use it.

Our development team can help configure your Magento system to be fully supportive of your eCommerce and online marketing needs, fitting your system to your business.

Whether you're starting your first online store or updating one that has been around for awhile, there's no need to battle with an online store that's frustrating for you or your customers, or to use one that appears completely disconnected from the rest of your website. 

Major Builds

We build and scale Magento to fit your process, audience, and brand. We also integrate Magento with additional website platforms or eCommerce operations systems.

Roadmapped Projects

Ongoing development is performed periodically to address items in your backlog and continuously drive your website forward.

Ongoing Support

Our team brings your website current - all systems fully updated, your website functioning at peak performance - and then maintains it there. 

Customized to Your Business

After we install Magento on a new server, it is an empty shell, ready to become an ecommerce site. This shell has immense potential—Magento is a system rich in functionality, and can pull off anything ecommerce you put in front of it. There are hundreds of options to choose from. We configure Magento to your unique situation and needs, based on factors such as the types of products, fulfillment, and customers you will have.

  • Creating different websites, stores, or store views unique to your store or multi-store needs

  • Setting up catalog and product attributes, so inventory can be added to the system

  • Shipping methods, payment methods, and payment gateways

  • Transactional emails and customer communication

  • Server-side SSL certifications and IP addresses


A Magento Partner

Since we built our first client website with Magento in 2008, we have used Magento exclusively. After working with Magento's eCommerce technology for a decade, we are a certified Magento Partner.  

Bear Group is a Magento Professional Partner


Upgrading to Magento 2

Bear Group provides assistance with Magento system upgrades, helping you migrate your content safely from your older website to newly released versions of Magento without loss to organization or data. Magento provides resources that allow for this transition as easily as possible, allowing us as developers to transition your data and implement your organization within your new storefront.

Front-End Development, Theming, and Web Design

Custom Drupal and Magento themes are built by our senior front-end developers, as they turn custom graphic designs into functional websites. We call them our UX Bridge— they create the bridge between what designers imagine and a user experiences. They are perfectionists who aren’t happy until the site looks immaculate.

eCommerce Operations Integrations

eCommerce Operation Integrations are the tools used by online businesses to handle the nuances of digital transactions, including accounting, order processing, customer management, and production. There are various solutions for integrating with these systems that allows for the free update of your website while continuing to support the commercial processes in action behind the scenes.

We've worked with clients across a broad spectrum of business needs, helping them find the solution that allows them to freely manage both their website, and their interconnected processing systems. 

Magento's strong APIs provide a framework that allow us to scope and build custom modules, extending a website’s functions to do almost anything. Our senior developers write all custom modules. They have a broad range of programming skills, but most work is currently in PHP and leverages the Drupal and Magento APIs.

We've integrated payment gateways, customer management systems, accounting systems, ERP software, and middleware.

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