Architects need Builders like Designers need Developers - How we Partner with Design Teams

How Bear Group’s Connections With Web Designers Opens Up Greater Possibilities For You

Web design and web development focus on different tasks.

After sitting across from clients and mapping out their web development strategy, a question that frequently crops up is why we don’t have our own in-house web design team. While design and development share the same goals–the creation of the ultimate user experience–they are very different disciplines.

After years of working closely with both B2B and B2C clients, we have found the best way to ensure that clients get their ideal website is to partner with either the client’s in-house team or to bring in a graphic design firm. This allows both members in the team, the web designers and web developers, to focus exclusively on their area of expertise, and gives the client more freedom in choosing who they want to work with. We often say to clients that we'd much rather partner with their preferred graphic designer, who best understands them and helped to define their brand. It's much easier to teach a dyed-in-wool print person how to design for a grid and a CMS (Content Management System), over teaching your brand to someone new.

Have Your Pick: Choosing the Right Designer

Every web designer has their own unique style, just as every website has its own unique brand identity; web design is a little like website fashion. That’s why when we’re working with a client to determine the layout of their website, we like to present them with a variety of designers that might work best for constructing the aesthetic of their brand.

For example, Design Hovie Studios has done some beautiful work designing the websites of some of our clients, like Seattle Chocolates, using vibrant colors and minimalist designs.

Seattle Chocolates

Another client of ours, Oiselle, was looking for a website design with a modern edge that fit with Turnstyle Studio's style.


We find that by maintaining a broad range of connections with different web designers, we open up possibilities for our clients and provide them with direction instead of limiting them to one kind of style, as would be the case if we had our own in-house design team.

Once our clients have chosen a designer, our front-end developers step in to help with the user interface design process, partnering with the design teams. This ensures that the functional elements of the web design can be built with integrity, securing the client’s website goals and conversions.

As for clients that approach us with their own graphic support, we simply work together to train their in-house design team on the best ways to work with the built platform.

Partners in Development

If web designers are the architects, then web developers would be the construction workers–neither can complete their task without the other. Since Bear Group’s early beginnings, we have maintained close connections with web design agencies and have found the partnership to be like a symbiotic relationship.

When we begin to work with a client, part of planning is to find that right web design team whose style matches their brand. Likewise, we have been introduced to new clients through the recommendations of web design agencies. As a team of developers, we assist these clients and web design agencies by coding the functional elements of the website to support their designs.

Design is communication, and the shared goal between marketing teams, web developers, and web designers is to create the best user experience. This is why we work so well together.

If you have any questions about our process, our decision to not bring design in-house, or would like to talk more about the relationship between design and development, feel free to contact us directly or connect with us on social!