How we Partner with Design Teams

How Bear Group’s Connections With Web Designers Opens Up Greater Possibilities For You

While design and development share the same goals–the creation of the ultimate user experience–they are very different disciplines.

We're often asked why we don't have our own in-house web design team. After years of working closely with both B2B and B2C clients, we've found the best way to ensure that clients get their ideal website is to partner with either the client’s in-house team or to bring in a design firm.

This way of partnering on a project means bringing together experts in their respective fields and gives the client more freedom in choosing who they want to work with. Oftentimes clients would much rather partner with their existing graphic designer, who best understands them and their brand than go with someone new. And we totally understand that.

Choosing Your Designer

Every web designer has their own unique style and approach. That’s why when we’re working with a client to determine the layout of their website, we like to present them with a variety of designers that might work best for constructing the brand aesthetic and user experience they're going for on their website. 

For example, Design Hovie Studios has done some beautiful work designing the websites of some of our clients, like Seattle Chocolates, using vibrant colors and minimalist designs.

Seattle Chocolates

Another client of ours, Oiselle, was looking for a website design with a modern edge and Turnstyle Studio delivered for them.


We find that by maintaining a broad range of connections with different web/UX designers, we're able to make introductions and let our clients choose the designer that they feel will best drive their brand forward.

Once our clients have chosen a designer, our front-end developers step in to help with the user interface design process, partnering with the design teams. This ensures that the functional elements of the web design can be built with integrity, securing the client’s website goals and conversions.

As for clients that approach us with their own graphic support, we simply work together with their in-house design team on platform specifics and design deliverables.

Partners in Development

If you think of web designers as building architects, then web developers are construction crew building and implementing a project to plan—neither can complete their task without the other.

Since Bear Group’s early beginnings, we have maintained close connections with web design agencies and have found the partnership to be like a symbiotic relationship. When we begin to work with a client, part of the initial planning process is to find that right web design team whose style and approach matches their brand and will serve them well. Likewise, we've been introduced to new clients through the recommendations of web design agencies.

Design is communication, and creating the best website user experience is a shared goal between marketing teams, web developers, and web designers. This is why we work so well together.