Why You Need a Mobile Strategy Now More Than Ever

If you still don't have a mobile strategy, it's time to get one.

Studies show that since the advent of the smartphone, more and more internet users have been connecting through their mobile devices. In fact, as of 2015, 788.32 million web users are connecting to the internet exclusively through mobile devices (Ironpaper). And as of 2014, the number of smartphone owners has exceeded that of desktop owners (Smart Insights).

Mobile stats
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Internet users also spend a higher amount of time, on average, connecting to the internet on their mobile devices–most likely while commuting or otherwise away from home and work–than they do connecting through their desktops. It’s for this reason that we at Bear Group believe having a mobile strategy to be an essential part of maintaining your web presence. Whether you decide to configure your website to be mobile responsive or you build a separate mobile version of your current website, it’s absolutely imperative your mobile strategy is up and running.

Four Reasons Why a Mobile Strategy is So Important

If location is the foundation of building a good business, then accessibility is the foundation of creating a relevant website. In addition to making yourself accessible to your users, there are dozens of other reasons why having a mobile strategy should be a priority. Here are a few:

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1. Search Engine Optimization

  • Google announced in April 2015 that mobile responsiveness would be a factor in website ranking. This stands to reason, as 40% of mobile users will select a different search result if the first is not mobile-friendly (and as this statistic was taken in 2013, we can assume that it has increased with the number of smartphone owners). Considering that 64% of web browsing happens over the Google web browser, Google’s announcement is a factor that should be taken into account when considering your website’s SEO ranking.

2. Conversion Rates

  • It’s been found that with 4 out of 5 smartphone owners using their mobile devices for internet shopping, 70% of mobile searches lead to actions within the hour. Developing leads and increasing your conversion rate is dependent on not only making sure that you are accessible to consumers, but that you appeal to their circumstances.

3. Opens Up Greater Analytics Possibilities

  • Maintaining a mobile strategy can help you keep better track of your web presence as a whole. In addition, if you choose to configure your website to be mobile responsive–same URL, different user experience across different devices–it opens up the possibility of split testing, as well as other analytics, to be conducted and collected over a new medium.

4. Improves Your Marketing

  • Maintaining a mobile strategy is not only about making yourself accessible to consumers, but presenting the right image. If 40% of users have been found to pass over search results that are not mobile-friendly, then it can be assumed that a lack of mobile web content sends the wrong kind of message. If you are also placing advertisements over social media platforms–Facebook, Twitter, Instagram–an overwhelming amount of users are accessing those platforms on their mobile devices. It’s important to ensure that any ads that link to your website are ready to redirect users to the right kind of user experience.

Planning Your Mobile Strategy

Understandably, it can be difficult to know what kind of web strategy is best for your company and your website. While we recommend a responsive web design–one website, responding to different devices–making your website mobile can be done in different ways (see our post on responsive web design here). Beyond simply fitting your website to a different screen, having a successful mobile website is about changing the way users experience your website.

As the number of mobile device users increase with the rise in mobile technology, the best way to prepare for the advent of the next trend is to make sure your website is ready for any kind of user.

If you have any questions on developing a mobile strategy for your web presence, please feel free to contact us directly or connect with us on social.