Which Brands are Running eCommerce Sites On Magento?

13 Companies that Run their eCommerce Store on Magento

We work with a wide range of organizations to develop their Magento websites. Common questions we hear from businesses evaluating Magento are:

  • Who uses Magento?
  • Is Magento right for my business model? 
  • What other brands in my industry use Magento?

We've been developing Magento sites since Magento hit the market because it works for many different types of businesses, from nonprofits to larger enterprises. Magento is the best option for merchants who need something unique to their store. Magento is flexible enough to support many design and business directions while providing merchants a straightforward administrative interface that they can easily manage. You’ll notice that out of the websites on our list, no two look the same or even have the same UX.

Magento Website Industries
Verticals on Magento via Builtwith.

We've compiled a list of 13 companies that run their ecommerce stores on Magento, in a wide variety of industries to illustrate just how versatile the platform is.

Fashion Sites On Magento

Nine West
Nine West’s Magento store features minimalist user navigation that allows you to easily scroll through a massive inventory.

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Features amazing content, and is integrated throughout the website allowing shoppers to easily find educational material about products without it getting in the way of making an immediate purchase.

Magento Websites Bear Group Web Development

Features customizer capabilities, allowing users to choose different frames, lenses.

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Food and Beverage Sites On Magento

Nespresso’s custom navigation allows users to shop their large inventory without feeling lost or overwhelmed. They have also integrated content throughout their website, presenting articles and videos on product and category pages.

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Bevmo’s overhead navigation helps online shoppers maintain their orientation and movement throughout the website. An additional feature is Bevmo’s alignment between their online store and their brick-and-mortar locations, allowing users to shop online for offline purchases.

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Beecher’s Handmade Cheese
Beecher’s Handmade Cheese has an immersive content strategy throughout its online store that perfectly showcases its cheese. They provide recipes and category pages dedicated to specific events, that allow shoppers to envision their product in the context of a customer’s life.

Magento Websites Bear Group Web DevelopmentHome and Garden Sites On Magento

Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Bed, Bath, and Beyond has identified the intent of their online shoppers in an interesting way, providing a unique method of navigation that allows them to shop items for different life events, including college, new moves, and wedding registries.

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Automotive Sites On Magento

Chrysler presents an interesting shopping experience that allows users to build toward their own set price as well as navigate through inventory. Additionally, Chrysler has a “Find a Dealer” option in their overhead navigation that allows users to find their ideal online purchase offline.

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Entertainment Sites On Magento

Blizzard’s main offering isn’t a physical product like many of the other stores we’ve mentioned in this article above. They use their website as a teaser of the kind of content that users could experience in their games. Their website layouts are themed to each game, and product pages provide media-rich content while also keeping the option to purchase present and on-screen at all times.

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Sporting Good Branded Sites On Magento

Rossignol’s website features an overhead navigation which caters to users who know exactly what they want, and educational content which provides much of the information that users like to look for prior to purchase.

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Electronics Sites On Magento

The Canon website is both a resource for online shoppers and Canon product owners, providing a variety of support materials. The combination of appeals to both new purchasers and returning customers is a great way to maintain brand loyalty.

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The HP website features a minimalist design, which extends the further along the user’s click path. As they become more specific about what they’re shopping for, HP gradually rolls out more and more categories for them to choose from instead of overwhelming them from their immediate arrival.

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Magento for Custom Websites

The benefit of Magento is that it provides a foundation that companies can use to build branded, custom websites. Although each website is built on the same platform, they have been customized beyond their appearances to offer unique experiences tailored to their particular products, brands, and strategies.

When choosing an eCommerce platform, the driving motivator behind your ultimate choice should be the answer to the question: what do I need my website to do?

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