The Value of Search Console

A Guide to Implementing Google’s Search Console on Your Website

Since I started working in analytics, I’ve often been asked why Google Search Console is valuable. The answer is that, like all other analytical Google programs, Search Console allows us to gain insight on users who interact with our site. However, the difference between Search Console and Google Analytics is that Search Console offers insights solely from organic traffic results or search engine result pages (SERP). Simply put, they’re the pages that appear after you search something in the Google search bar.

So Why Use Search Console?

Search Console allows you to really understand how to create Google-friendly websites by providing detailed insights into factors that Google uses to determine the success of your search listing, such as website links, errors, and redirects.

How to Implement Search Console

Below are steps you can use to implement and verify Google Search Console:

Search Console

  • Visit

  • Create a property on the homepage by inputting your website domain

    • Make sure to set up your property using a business gmail account

  • Verify your ownership through one of these four methods:

  • HTML File Upload

  • Download the HTML verification file

  • Upload the file to your website

  • Confirm successful upload by adding HTML file name to the end of your URL

  • Click Verify Below

  • Don’t remove HTML file after verification*

  • Domain Name Provider

  • Sign in to your domain name provider.

  • Google Analytics

  • Use your Google Analytics account.

  • Google Tag Manager

  • Use your Google Tag Manager account.

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