Adobe Summit Highlights

2019 Adobe Summit: Adobe Commerce Cloud Announced and What That Means for Magento Merchants

For the first time, we see what Adobe has in store for Magento Commerce and Marketo since purchasing them last year. At the 2019 Adobe Summit, Adobe announced the new Adobe Commerce Cloud and its connection with Adobe Experience Manager.

Adobe Commerce Cloud will be built on Magento, and integrate with products in the Adobe Experience Manager suite, including Adobe Analytics Cloud, Adobe Marketing Cloud, and Adobe Advertising Cloud. Magento is being extended with new commerce dashboards, AI for predictive marketing, and a PWA Studio—Progressive Web Applications—to help merchants design “app-like experiences” for mobile shopping.

Adobe is establishing the best end-to-end marketing cloud available. With tools that can span all stages of the customer engagement cycle, companies will be able to leverage a single platform to attract, engage, convert, and retain customers.

While the timeline has not been announced for when these enhancements will be made part of core, Adobe is pushing Magento forward with a significant augmentation of its product suite. Here is the list of developments coming soon that I’m most excited about.

The New Adobe Commerce Cloud

AEMAdobe Experience Manager, in combination with Magento, will elevate content creation and digital asset management to a higher level than any other ecommerce platform.

Adobe AnalyticsBetter Ecommerce with Analytics—The pairing of Analytics with Magento BI, along with several out of the box reports, are going to make insights more actionable for merchants.

Adobe TargetBetter Personalization—Merchants will be able to enhance every user’s experience with personalization accelerated by Target. This includes A/B and multivariate testing, AI data analysis, and automation.

Adobe CampaignBetter Advertising Capabilities and Intelligence—Adobe Campaign will enable merchants to use real time data to deliver dynamic multi-channel campaigns to users at every step of their journey.

Marketo (B2B)During the conference, Adobe stated that B2B and B2C have always been separate from each other. Adobe Commerce Cloud aims to be what they call B2E—Business to Everyone—which is why they will be including Marketo. One of Magento’s many strong suits is its B2B commerce capabilities. B2B Ecommerce and Marketing Directors will be able to capitalize on the power of Marketo for targeting their accounts and buyers.

Enabling Merchants for Success

Every piece of technology is only as valuable as the return the company gets from it. I think the biggest value I can see so far is that the new tools are “actionable developments” for any merchant. Meaning that all of them will allow merchants to do more with their transaction engines right away.

We talk a lot about how the website experience is the brand and an important differentiator. The only way you can win at the experience is by delivering the right experience to the customer at the right time. Each new system in the Adobe Commerce Cloud allows a merchant and brand to do exactly that.