A Comparative Analysis of A/B Testing Software

Our Pick of the Top 5 A/B Software from 2018

A/B testing software (sometimes also called “split testing software”) allow website administrators to serve up different versions of a web page to their users. A/B testing software also generally allows you to easily create different versions of your web page from its interface. In your alternate version of the web page you’re testing, you can change on-page elements like the color of check-out buttons, images, or copy. By testing user responses to those elements, many businesses have been able to optimize their website through a few small changes.

We’ve put together a list of our 5 most preferred A/B testing software options.

1. Wasabi

Wasabi A/B Testing Service is an enterprise-level service capable of running page tests and collecting data in real-time. Wasabi A/B can be used to create alternate web pages, and test desktop and mobile layouts. It connects to your website via an API connection, which can be customized.


Free - Open Source.

Key Features:

  • You Own Your Own Data: Wasabi runs on your servers, in the cloud, or on-premise. You have complete control over your data, where it’s hosted, and who has access, whether that means choosing to leverage the Wasabi cloud offering or hosting Wasabi in your own environment.

  • Battle-Tested: Wasabi has been put through a thorough QA by Intuit and is utilized internally by other Intuit services such as TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mint.com, and others.

  • Proven Performance: Wasabi operates quickly, with consistent server-side response times generally within 30ms.

  • API: Wasabi’s REST API is flexible and can be customized to fit with any website.

  • No Platform Restrictions: Because of its API and open source build, Wasabi can be integrated into any website’s front-end or backend.

  • Total Control Over Real-time User Assignments: Wasabi administrators can regulate website traffic and collect data from specific target audiences by assigning users to specific page experiments in real time, to save traffic for other parallel A/B tests.

  • Analytics: Wasabi offers foundational experiment analytics and metrics visualization out of the box. They also have the ability to send data to other analytics tools you may be using.

  • Administrative Interface: Setup and manage tests, and observe analytics from an easily navigable interface.

2. Omniconvert

Omniconvert tackles 3 different aspects of split testing—online surveys, A/B testing, and web personalization—and does it well. For website administrators looking for additional website optimization tools, not just A/B testing, Omniconvert provides more insights from a single dashboard.


Free for up to 5,000 tested views.

Key Features:

  • Surveys: You can create surveys, and customize their placement and how they appear on your website.

  • Create Pages for A/B Testing: Omniconvert provides an interface that allows you to make changes to web pages you want to test. No coding required.

  • Segmentation: You can specify what audiences are served up which pages and surveys.

3. UseItBetter Triggers

UseItBetter Triggers combines multiple tools for capturing data insights. In addition to A/B testing, they offer analytics and tag management. From a single administrative interface, you can gain a holistic perspective of your website’s performance without having to jump between multiple systems.



Key Features:

  • Informed Targeting: You can utilize analytics segments by making them into “triggers” that activate specific system responses.

  • Templates for Managing Analytics: UseItBetter provides templates for ordering data, tracking survey users, and personalizing user experience. You can also build your own custom layouts.

4. Convertize

Convertize leverages statistical insights to drive action after collecting data from your A/B tests. It features an easily navigable administrative interface to manage tests, and observe data. It also has an automated feature which allows it to run constantly without requiring you to make decisions in real-time.


First 30 Days Free, $49-799/month.

Key Features:

  • Easy to UseYou can setup A/B tests in a few minutes.

  • Drag and Drop Personalization: Personalizing web pages takes just a few seconds with drag and drop technology. No coding required.

  • Notifications: Convertize has a notification feature that you can use to drive conversions.

  • Automation: Convertize will automatically push traffic to the best performing version of your web page.

5. MaxyMizely

MaxyMizel is a straightforward A/B testing service that leverages complex data analysis to drive your optimization. In addition to providing data on the effects of page variations, it compares that data with user profiles.


14 Day Free Trial, $19/month.

Key Features:

  • Audience Targeting: Direct identified users to specific pages to test their reactions.

  • Funnel Analysis: MaxyMizely provides complete analytics, in addition to an analysis of your user’s movement through your website’s funnel.

  • Test Scheduling: You can schedule when tests are conducted on your website so they occur automatically.