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API vs. Middleware

There are two approaches you can take when dealing with highly-custom website integrations: Use an API to connect your website directly, or use a middleware system as a connector between your website and other tools.

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4 Ways to Approach Your New Website Theme

It’s important to give your new website’s design and user experience careful thought. Will you choose between custom design, a stock theme, a hybrid approach, or just stick with what you have? Learn where to start in this Bear Ideas blog.

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How Much Should a Website Cost?

Unless you’re an expert, it’s difficult to tell how much a website cost just by looking at it. The parts that you, the end user interacts with, are just the surface level of what could be an incredibly unique website. Here's what you should know about website costs.

If that’s the case, what’s the difference between a $5,000 SaaS website, and $70,000 custom website?

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