Drupal is the Right CMS for You. Here is Why.

Background on the Drupal Content Management System (CMS)

Drupal has been the right CMS platform choice for hundreds of thousands of websites, and it will be a good choice for yours also. Here is a little background on how Drupal has become the right choice for so many websites.

So, what is Drupal? It is an open source content management system (CMS) first released in 2001. It powers a broad range of websites for medium-sized and large organizations. According to BuiltWith Data, it is currently powering about 800K sites on the internet, and 9.5% among the top 100,000 largest sites. Drupal is #2 only to Wordpress in usage.

Drupal 8 has been released. Learn what you need to know about the newest Drupal CMS core here.

We love Wordpress also, but for enterprise applications with lots of integration requirements and custom development needs, nothing beats Drupal.

CMS Usage Statistics
This data was sourced from Builtwith.

The Benefits of Drupal

Drupal has many benefits —here are some of our favorites and the reasons why we are so confident in Drupal’s ability as a CMS:

Drupal is a coding framework + a modular application = a Platform.

Drupal is a platform - making web development far more focused and efficient. It has a PHP coding framework, evolved API, and is easy to extend through its modular approach. This allows us to “turn on” the functionality needed, and to tailor each website to meet a client’s business requirements.

It also is a fully functioning application - unlike a pure coding framework like a Ruby on Rails - it comes with all the basics built including content types, data layer management, theme engine, user/role/permission management, and many other features that every site needs. This framework + application using that framework makes it the perfect platform for future web needs.

Managing your live website is as simple as managing your Facebook or Linkedin page.

For those new to a CMS, once logged in you can update navigation menus, content areas, content categories (tags), blocks, links, images, meta tags, and more -- all managed through an intuitive user interface in the browser. There's no need for a webmaster with specialized technical skills to update your content. All of Bear Group’s clients manage the content on their sites on their own.

Drupal has a vast international development community and is constantly improving

Drupal’s well-established open source community has 630,000+ subscribed members, and millions of copies of the Drupal application have been downloaded. The Drupal developer community is constantly extending the platform, improving the core, and working to ensure that Drupal remains a cutting-edge platform and supports rapidly evolving web technologies.

You will never be left without someone who can help you with your website.

This broad community means that instead of a handful of web developers who might be managing a private-label CMS, there are thousands of dedicated web developers who understand how Drupal works, and provide a deep developer pool for us (and you) to draw upon.

Built by developers for developers, but solves problems for marketers.

Developers love the Drupal platform because the way it is built, but marketers love Drupal because of the solutions it offers. There are hundreds of plugins that make it easy for marketing teams to maximize their digital strategy. Drupal plugins turn marketing ideas into website reality in minutes.

Who else is using Drupal?

We have built hundreds of eCommerce and marketing websites using Drupal in countless different scenarios, and it has always been the right tool for the job but you don’t have to just take our word for it. The Drupal platform stands up for itself when you look at the list of very notable and diverse organizations running their websites using it. Here is a small sampling of the other Drupal sites out there:

Sports & Events

Creating events & event feeds are easy to build and maintain in Drupal using an “Event” content type (for the event detail page) & views (for event landing pages, feeds, and filters). And because Drupal is incredibly flexible, integration with third party services like EventBrite, etc.


Entertainment & Publishing Drupal Sites

For media-rich content, we often leverage Drupal’s easy integration with 3rd party services like Brightcove, Wistia, Vimeo, SoundCloud, & even YouTube. For image galleries, creating an easy-to-use gallery content type containing images and corresponding links & captions that can serve as standalone pages and/or referenced into other related page types.



Business / Enterprise / Finance Drupal Websites

News Websites on Drupal

Creating news detail, landing, and feed are easy to build and maintain in Drupal using an “News” content type (for the event detail page) & views (for event landing pages, feeds). Extending the content type so it contains data-rich filters & sorting is easily added & expandable. Also, easy to integrate 3rd party services like Brightcove, Wistia, Vimeo, SoundCloud, & even YouTube. And recommend using services like Disqus, Olapic, etc. to engage the audience.


Government & Not for Profits

Since Drupal is easy to extend & maintain it’s a great platform for sites that require are content rich. On sites that require a lot of users to do content integration, we recommend leveraging modules like workbench for workflow for a more formal review process & for standardizing content displays.

White House

Education Institutes on Drupal

71 of the top 100 universities and 28% of all .edu sites are on Drupal. Harvard, Brown, Stanford, Dartmouth, much of UW have standardized on the platform. These sites are also typically content rich & have a lot of maintainers. Also great, since often have sections like “News”, “Events”, “Galleries/Media”, etc. Also, easy to implement accessibility standards which are essential for .edu sites.

Staff Picks

We are passionate about Drupal because of its unique ability to create beautiful, powerful websites that are user-friendly and easy for non-developers to manage. Here are some of our favorites:


And keep in mind, these are just some examples. There are a ton more Drupal sites in all different corners of the web. If you’ve got a favorite Drupal site that we haven’t mentioned, let us know in the comments section below. Also, you if you want to research more Drupal sites, a nice list can be found here: topdrops.org and you can read more about the Drupal CMS platform on Drupal.org.


Curious if Drupal is the right choice for you? Experience Drupal 8 firsthand with a free demo website. Or, if you'd like to see how Drupal compares to other CMS platforms you can download our white paper: How to Evaluate Website Technology Platforms