The 5 Questions Your Developers Will Ask

The Information Your Developers Will Need To Turn Your Web Goals Into a Reality

The benefit of working with a custom web development company is that it’s okay to come to the table not knowing the technical nuts and bolts of what you need.

Here’s a couple of requests we’ve received from clients:

  • “We have a Magento® website and want to have static “about” pages and a blog on our website.”
  • “We want to be able to publish things directly to our main website ourselves.”
  • “We need shipping forms on our website that specify required delivery date.”

From a technical perspective, each of these requests are pretty vague, and that’s completely fine. Part of what we do includes working together with our clients as consultants, acting as guides through the technology landscape. You won’t need to tell us the technical specifics, but we will need some input in order to create what you want.

In order to turn your wish list into a tangible roadmap for production, here are the things your team needs to be thinking about.

What Does Your Current System Look Like?

Our Technical Project Managers (TPMs) work with you throughout your project, translating your requests into actionable tasks for our developers. Our TPMs will ask you a lot of questions about your goals for the project, your current website layout, content structure, server access, users on your website, and your web design to start drafting an idea of what you’ll need. Typically, the more details we have on what you’re currently working with, the smoother and quicker a project goes.

The various systems required to enable a single website.

Do You Have a Web Design?

If your request is a new website, or an updated website layout, we’ll need to see the new web design before we can begin planning out your project. It’s your website’s design that tells us what functional aspects we need to enable (like a blueprint). Once our team have the designs for your website, our TPM will start breaking up the designs into individual tasks. If you don’t already have a web design, we can help you find a design team whose style best matches your brand. Because we often work together on projects, we have strong connections with a number of web designers.

Do We Need to Integrate A Service With Your System?

For adding new features or making improvements to existing systems our TPM’s will ask you for information necessary for the developer to build – Will they need access to a third-party system? Do they need design direction? – and will then break that into tasks.

Which Solution Do You Prefer?

Because we want you to feel completely in control of your development, after reviewing your request and details about your current system we’ll present a few project solutions to you. Although we may make a recommendation, ultimately the choice is up to you. Our proposal document will be simple, and absent of technical jargon.

What To Expect from Your Roadmap

After you’ve made a decision about the route you want us to take, our TPM will use JIRA (our project management tool of choice) to start breaking up your project into individual “tickets” (tasks). Before we get started on your project, we’ll deliver a Scoping Document to you that summarizes the information you’ve told us during the consultation period, and how it will apply to your project’s outcome. It will act as your “roadmap,” containing your project’s timeline, expenditures, and the details of our work.

You should be in control of your website projects, and the goal of our process is to put that control in your hands–even in unfamiliar technological territory. We emphasize mapping out your project right from the beginning so that you feel confident and in control every step of the way.

If you would like to read more about our project management approach or why we use JIRA, feel free to read any of the blog posts listed below. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us directly or connect with us on social.