Choose the right website development partner for your project

It's easy to feel overwhelmed as you begin to search for the right web developer for your project. We've worked with hundreds of clients for over 15 years and are here to help make your choice easier so your business can thrive.

Our free guide provides five primary options for how website development can be approached:

  1. The Freelance Developer
  2. The Web Development Firm
  3. The Full-Service Agency
  4. An In-House Development Team 
  5. Off-Shore Development Teams

What's included in this guide?

  • Website Strategy & Decision Breakdown

    As you get started, take a moment to assess your current website strategy to decide how a developer can work alongside your business goals. We’ll also guide you through tips on moving forward with hiring a developer.

  • Comprehensive Look at Five Different Approaches

    We will cover the five most common developer models — freelance, firm, full-service, off-shore, and in-house — to help you decide which is right for you. This includes a complete cost breakdown in addition to a full assessment of the pros and cons of each.

  • Full Quick-Guide Comparison Table

    We’ve included a full table that lays out the four major web development styles, their business model, estimated cost, as well as the highlights and downsides of each. 

Why learn from Bear Group?

Web projects are large undertakings that go much smoother when you work with an expert partner to guide you through the process. At Bear Group, we’ve seen web projects of every size and have led our clients through complex planning, development, launch, and post-launch support. Our 15 years of experience has allowed us to grow alongside our clients, making us a trusted partner that understands the website challenges and solutions for today's businesses.

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We've crafted an easy-to-use quick guide table to help you make your own decision about which developer model is best based on your business needs, budget, and more.

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