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Demo Magento eCommerce Website Bear Group

High Powered Integrations

Sales section to make quick work of daily fulfillment activities

Custom Branded Storefronts

The ability to theme the front-end however you like

Streamlined Sales Processes

Inventory configured with unlimited product attributes


Whether you're building your first online store or updating an existing one, there's no need to battle with your eCommerce website. Managing your store shouldn't be a frustrating experience, for you or your customers, and your store shouldn't have to appear as completely disconnected from the rest of your website. With Magento, we build powerful online stores that are completely customizable, easy to manage, and integrate seamlessly with your website’s look and feel.

It was while researching platforms that I bumped into the vibrant conversation around Magento. As an eCommerce system, Magento offers an elegant and dynamic solution.
- Greg Bear

This is really the ecommerce product of the future.
-Roy Rubin