MarTech Integrations FAQ

Commonly Asked MarTech Questions

Commonly Asked MarTech Questions

My MarTech tool offers an automatic or guided integration process, do I still need development?

This is actually a fairly subjective question, and the answer is that it largely depends on your unique situation. The tools you’re using, your intentions for those tools, the layout of your current web presence, and your own management capability are all details that factor into the question of whether or not you should have a tool professionally integrated with the rest of your stack.
Typically, it depends on how complicated your current layout is. The more complicated your integration point and your needs for the system are, the more it’s likely you’re going to need development help. This has less to do with the size of your MarTech stack, and more to do with what you need each individually integrated tool to contribute to your overall web presence.

What is an API?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is, in very basic terms, a server program that receives requests from browsers and sends responses. With an API, instead of redirecting your user to a third-party website that can process their request directly, your website speaks to the third-party system on behalf of your user. On your user’s end, this looks like using another system while still being in your website. Behind the scenes, the API allows those two technology systems, in this example your website and your third-party service, to “communicate.”

How much am I able to customize my integration?

We constantly assert that you should never feel limited by technology, especially when technology has become such a crucial aspect of doing business in the modern age. We, and most professional development firms, can build integrations between your MarTech tools so that they function, communicate, and share data in whatever way you need. While there may not be a direct API provided for what you need, we are capable of building our own as well as finding and creating other solutions to build what you need.

I want to integrate two different tools from separate service providers, will they allow me to do that?

Most modern MarTech tools provide an API that allows it to communicate with other technology–even external systems. If your particular MarTech service doesn’t provide such a connection, we are capable of finding a solution that will integrate your two systems.

Are there any security concerns I should know about with martech integrations?

While there is a certain level of risk undertaken with any activity on the web, integrations pose a risk to your system in that you are allowing a connection with an external service. For that reason, we recommend only integrating your system with services that you trust, that are also regularly updated.

Do I ever need to update my MarTech integrations?

API’s are updated just like other web technology, and will need to be updated periodically in order to maintain security and functionality.