Drupal Website Migration Services

Migrating Your Website to Drupal

How Your Website is Migrated to Drupal

Project Scoping

All content, web design, and system integrations are mapped out. 

Drupal Is Installed

We install the latest version of Drupal on a secure, private server during the build. 

A Complete Migration

All content, design, and data is migrated to your new Drupal website. Your current website will remain live until your new website is launched.

Front-End Development

Designers and front-end developers work together to rebuild your website's theme and front-end.

Final QA

Our project managers conduct a thorough QA of your entire website, testing all functionality and making sure content is in place.

Final Launch

Once your new Drupal website launches it seamlessly replaces your old website, which is taken offline.

What Can Be Migrated From Your Old Website to Drupal

All of your website's content, data, customer accounts, and design can be migrated over to Drupal. How content is migrated will depend on the current website you wish to migrate away from. Sometimes this entails manually migrating page by page, in other cases a faster migration via a plugin may programmatically move everything over automatically. 

While your circumstance may be unique, our approach will be tailored to your particular circumstance. Nothing will be lost in the migration.

What Will Need to Be Rebuilt

These are items that can't be migrated directly and will have to be reconstructed on your new website.

Your Theme

Your website's front-end, the design layouts and UX, will need to be rebuilt. This can mean re-implementing the same design and UX of your previous website, or using a new design and UX. Many use this as an opportunity to update their website's look and feel with a new design.

Custom Extensions

Any API integrations or custom extensions will be disconnected from your old website, and reconnected to your new website. To do this, these connections will have to be rewritten.

Your Custom Features

Any unique and custom features built out on your old website will have to be recreated on your new website. 

Why Migrate to Drupal?

You're On An Outdated Website Platform. Website platforms require constant updates in order to maintain functionality and security as internet technology continues to develop. Once a website platform is no longer supported by those updates, it will begin to exhibit breaks in the UX, increased security vulnerabilities, and administrative bugs. These problems will only increase over time. 

You Want an Up-To-Date Website. Drupal is an ideal platform for rebuilding your website. As an open source platform, the migration process is very direct. We can rebuild your website's layout and design exactly as it was before, or you could use the opportunity to feature your same content in improved layouts. Additionally, we build your website on the most recent release of Drupal available, ensuring that your website will be supported for the next few years.

You're Redesigning Your Current Website. If you are currently planning a redesign for your project, it's an ideal opportunity for coordinating a migration as well. Your website theme will have to be rewritten during the migration as is, which makes it a convenient project to complete simultaneously. 


What You Can Look Forward to With Drupal

  1. A Powerful Administrative Interface - Drupal's interface allows administrators to easily manage complex content tasks, like creating new page layouts and managing information architecture.

  2. In-Line Editing - Make content edits directly on the page. You can also rearrange the page with click and drag functionality. 

  3. Better Formatting - Drupal will automatically format all text and images in a way that cohesively fits stylistically with the rest of your website, without having to format yourself in HTML.

  4. Control Traffic - You can specify and ban specific URL's, protecting your website from suspicious activity.

  5. Open Source - Drupal can integrate with any number of systems and additional platforms, making it an ideal addition to ecommerce websites pursuing a stronger content strategy.

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