Custom Drupal and Magento Website Themes

Development for Ui, UX, IDX, LESS, HTML5, CSS3


Your web presence starts with design— coming up with the look and feel for your website, and creating your brand experience. The graphic design work culminates in the handoff of a photoshop file.  The process of taking a design and turning it into a dynamic, live website is called “theming.”

Custom Drupal and Magento themes are built by our visually-oriented front-end developers, as they turn custom graphic designs into functional websites. We call them our UX Bridge— they create the bridge between what designers imagine and a user experiences. They are perfectionists who aren’t happy until the site looks immaculate.

Their core work involves coding layouts in HTML5, styling pages with CSS3 for modern browsers, and developing adaptive themes for any device. They also have expert knowledge of PHP, AJAX, Javascript, jQuery, and a variety of supporting libraries.

Our front-end team has command of the full Photoshop suite and works closely with design partners to interpret and implement their static Photoshop or illustrator designs. They also collaborate closely with content managers and work directly with clients and the designers to make sure all functionality is built to specifications.

Our front-end development team has worked on hundreds of websites. Their skills make short work of tasks like cross-browser testing, and shorten iterations with design firms and clients.