A2Z Balloons

A Magento 2 Commerce Cloud Migration Success Story

Optimized for Faster Performance

Updates to the system build increased search traffic 20% month over month and dropped page load speeds to 4 seconds. 

Migration to Magento Commerce Cloud

A full migration to Magento Commerce Cloud in less than 10 weeks. A2Z Balloons is now fully supported by Magento. 

Efficient Integrations

A2Z Balloons' system integrations were evaluated and re-integrated for faster and more secure data transference.

A Success Story for A2Z Balloons

After struggling with a growing backlist of issues, A2Z Balloons connected with our development team. A quick audit of their website showed us that too many plugins were slowing their website down. To ensure that A2Z Balloons stayed live at all times and had more support for their commerce, we migrated them to Magento Commerce Cloud and did a complete overhaul of their system integrations. 

A2Z Balloons Case Study

I'm happy because the customers are happy.

James Davis, Director of Sales and Marketing