Seattle Aquarium

Forging Digital Pathways to the Marine World

A Success Story

Seattle Aquarium wanted to update their online presence to become a useful tool that visitors could turn to at any point during their visit. Whether to find information about the aquarium's hours or location, buy tickets online, donate, learn more about conservation efforts, or discover more details about the marine life the aquarium is home to. 

Customizing Technology for Life

The day-to-day efforts and operational processes that run the Seattle Aquarium are completely unique. Before writing a single line of code, we sat down with their team to understand both what they wanted their website to do, and what they needed their website to do. After a few months of coding, front-end development work, and extensive QA, the new Seattle Aquarium website was launched.

Expanded Content Marketing Capability

A fresh install of Drupal 8 creates a simple administrative process to create high-level content.

Custom Features

Custom-built widgets and features create an online experience totally unique to the Seattle Aquarium experience.

Fully Integrated System

Refreshed API's and tighter integrations create a seamless user experience.

Seattle Aquarium Case Study

Our goal is definitely to expand the website. Our number one goal is always to drive traffic to the aquarium, and to nurture sales and donations. So we’re trying a variety of content that tells our stories a little bit better. We’re heading into different directions on learning conservation efforts and sustainability here at the aquarium, and are able to tell those stories more visually with pictures and video.

Pamela Lamon, Digital Marketing Manager

It’s been miles easier than it was before.

Marika Wegerbauer, Web Administrator

It was a perfect good storm, in terms of designs being on time and a client who was definitive in what they wanted. It’s fun to work on fun content, just the content alone was inspiring to work with.

Emily Goodeve, Technical Project Manager